"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Eye Surgery Survived

I had my eye surgery a couple weeks ago. A cataract infested lens was removed from my left eye and replaced with a man made one that actually corrects my far vision. It was an interesting experience. I was awake for the whole thing, but gratefully drugged so I felt nothing. There was no pain through the whole process. When it was over I was very much surprised that I could see the clock across the room without my glasses. I am so glad I had the surgery.

My right eye will be done this coming Wednesday. In the meantime I've been in this situation where one eye can see great, and the other one can't hardly see at all. It makes it impossible for me to drive. I have almost no depth perception. I was reaching for a pencil in the cup full of pencils and pens and kept missing the one I wanted. So I'm looking forward to the surgery.

Yesterday we went to a funeral. My sister-in-law Diane's father passed away. I'm not wearing glasses anymore and many people were surprised. I guess I look so different without them that I'm not recognizable at first glance. Heh heh...

Despite the bad eyesight, I have been trying to knit and work on Margaret. I sewed on all the buttons.

I actually managed to join the shoulders as instructed (3-needle bind off), and I've knit the neckband.

I have half a sleeve cap sewn in on one side too. It has been very difficult. I could hardly see the stitches while sewing. My daughter Ruth checked it for me every so often to make sure I was doing it right. I plan to finish the other half after I'm done writing today.

I actually had some second thoughts the day after the surgery because I have destroyed the only vision I've ever had that worked correctly-near sight. I saw my doctor last Wednesday and asked her how to deal with it and she suggested I get a pair of magnifying reading glasses. I bought a pair later that day and they work great, so I think I'll be able to bead and cross stitch after this is all over. God I hope so.

I also started a new project called the Crazed Scandinavian Cowl. It's an amazing fairisle cowl pattern that I want to knit for myself. It's very long (80 inches +/- .There are 18 stitch pattern charts. It'll be gorgeous. I cast on and knit about 30 rows over the last few days, but last night I frogged it because it looked so awful. I'd made some mistakes that I decided I just couldn't live with. I called it the education practice swatch. I got it started again last night and have the first two rounds done.

I ordered bobbins so I can get started on the argyle socks for Frank. (I have bobbins, but can't find them.) They arrived yesterday. Yay! I'm not knitting that project until after the right eye surgery.

The weather has been cold and dry. It didn't even get above freezing the last two days. There are rumors of snow coming.

Live long and prosper. \\//

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