"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


A Cuff Problem

I finished knitting the sleeves for Milo.

Now there are sweater pieces all over the place. I need to start assembling some of this stuff.

I had quite a problem with the sleeve cuffs. I did not notice that I'd knit 1 by 1 rib on the cuff of the first sleeve until I started the cuff of the second sleeve. It's supposed to be 2 by 2 rib. ARRGH!!! These are knit from the cuff up, so there was no just undoing the bind off and re-knitting that first cuff. I would have to unravel the whole sleeve to get to the cuff. I did NOT want to do that. I ended up completely removing it by cutting the yarn where the cuff and body of the sweater meet, carefully unraveling that one row, putting the open stitches on a needle, and knitting the cuff from the top down.

Now, how do I bind off so it matches the cast on edge of the second cuff, which is the long tail cast on? It was not easy to find the technique, but I spent all day Wednesday trying all kinds of bind offs and I was finally successful. A lot of the bind offs that claim to look the same as a long tail cast on edge are not quite correct. They are very close, but not quite right. After much googling, I found this method and it's perfect. This one looks just like the long tail bind off.

Now, though this bind off is the correct one, I was still having a problem. The new cuff was sort of stretched out a bit and sloppy looking along the edge. It didn't pull in like it would if I'd started out with a cast on edge. How do I fix that?

I tried knitting the last row using a needle 2 sizes smaller before doing the bind off because I noticed the stitches of the cast on row on the second sleeves cuff are smaller. But that still wasn't quite enough. It still didn't pull in quite like it should.

I noticed that the edge looked sort of pleated on the second sleeves cuff. The edge wasn't straight and smooth. It was a zigzag. I decided to try something. I took a piece of contrasting yarn and threaded it along through the stitches of the row just below the edge of the bind off so when I pulled it the stitches sort of pleated together like the other cuff. Then I gently steamed it. It worked! Now both cuffs match exactly. After I get the ends woven in, no one will ever be able to tell that one cuff was knit the opposite direction of the other.

I felt quite accomplished by the end of the day having figured it all out. I wish I'd thought of taking pictures as I did this so I could write a tutorial, but I didn't think of it. I was completely engrossed in solving the problem.

I bound off the last stitch of the second sleeve on Saturday. I did not feel like weaving in ends and blocking things just yet on Sunday. I wanted to knit, so I got busy on the cardigan for the 41st layette set for KnitWits. I cast it on at the KnitWits meeting earlier this month, but set it aside to work on Milo. I got quite a bit done in the evening. I'm all the way up to the armhole divide and have got about halfway through the right front.

Here's a close up of the stitch pattern. The teal is much more vibrant than it appears in the photos.

Assuming something doesn't come up, I am going to block Milo on Wednesday of this week.

I did some work on the bicycle cross stitch. I'm working on page 5 of 9. It's the center of the picture. I like to start at the middle and work my way out from there. You're looking at part of the bicycle itself.

Our weather has been wet the last few days. Lots of cold rain and dark skies. Perfect knitting weather. All my trees are turning color and dropping their leaves very quickly. The flowering plum literally turned from purple to bright red in 24 hours. Winter is coming early to the Parkarosa.

Live long and prosper. \\//

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