"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


The Simple Woman's Daybook for November 6, 2017

Outside my window...
Snow. Tons and tons of snow! It started snowing on Friday and did not stop until this morning. We've got about 8 or 9 inches.

I am thinking...
It's too early to be getting this much snow. Winter is not fooling around. It came with a bang.

I am thankful for...
The new roof. The snow is sliding right off just like it's supposed to. Hopefully there will be no shoveling of snow off our roof ever again.

From the kitchen...
Making meatloaf tonight. Yum! My meatloaf recipe consists of ground beef, a package of Lipton Onion Soup Mix, an egg, a couple slices of stale bread crumbled, and ketchup. It's good. I can't decide if I want Potatoes Au Gratin, or baked potatoes, with it.

I am wearing...
Jeans and a black and red print button down blouse with 3/4 sleeves.

I am creating...
I had to accompany my husband to the North Idaho Dermatology for a small surgery to remove some skin cancer this morning. I took my knitting bag with me and started another doll skirt. Testing out a pattern I've written for my JID dolls. I'm using a lovely Aqua Cascade Sunseeker yarn. I really like this yarn. It's nice. Husbands surgery went fine and all the cancer is gone.

I am going...
to knitting at the Rathdrum Library tomorrow, and Yarnies on Thursday. That's assuming Runge's doesn't decide to deliver the new furniture during those times.

I am reading...
The Lost City by Clive Cussler.  I'm enjoying it very much. I've never read this guys stuff before. However, I've seen the movie Sahara starring Mathew McConaughey. It's one of my favorites. I did not know that story was written by Clive Cussler until my friend, Barb, told me last week. Our library is having a $1 a bag book sale. I filled my bag with several Clive Cussler novels, and an original edition of A Wrinkle In Time. As a side note- A Wrinkle in Time and it's sequels were my favorite scifi novels when I was in elementary school.

I am hearing...
the pitter patter of my husbands feet as he hobbles to the kitchen. Poor guy is feeling poorly. The anesthesia has worn off.

Around the house...
the lights are already on because it's dark and it's only 4:15 pm as I write this. I hate winter.

One of my favorite things...
Spring- which I am ready for.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
I hope to finish the little aqua skirt and get a couple new outfits up in my Etsy shop this week. I need something new for it. I haven't paid much attention to it during the fall.

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing...
This morning.

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Live long and prosper. \\//


  1. Enjoyed your thoughts and photos on your daybook. Thanks for sharing! Wishing your husband a speedy recovery.

  2. Thank you for all of your insights....good luck to you and your family! I do have a question....if I steam block an acrylic beanie will it not stretch out? What is the best way to keep something like that from stretching out once it is finished?


    1. Just found your message in my junk mailbox.

      The reason for acrylic stretching out and not springing back is usually exposing it to too much heat, such as washing in hot water or having the dryer on high. It gets limp (or drapey) and cannot be repaired. When that happens, you have killed the yarn. Acrylic is a plastic. You must be careful with heat. Acrylic can handle warm, but not hot. When I steam block acrylic, I am very careful that I don't overheat it. Just 2 or 3 seconds is all it needs. Never over steam, or iron, or touch the fabric with an iron. Just the weight of the iron can cause killing. Machine wash in cool water, tumble dry on low. If the item is stretched while wearing, it should spring back when washed.

      Hope that helps,

      Linda Jo

      aka Beadknitter