"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Mini Angora Sweaters

I got my first doll clothing custom order early last week. A gal ordered 4 of my Ellowyne Wilde sweaters with the ruffled collar. She wanted Angora (rabbit), which is unavailable at the weight I would need right now in the U.S. but she found some discontinued yarn at her local yarn shop and bought three colors. She really wanted a white one but that color was not available, so she settled for Mohair, which comes from Angora goats, so technically, it is Angora. Anyway, I got them done and shipped to her. I've taken pics for my own purpose which I post here.

The pink one. These were made with Rowan Angora Haze, which is a fingering weight yarn. As Angora goes, it's very nice yarn.

This one is lavender. It's a shame Angora Haze has been discontinued cuz it makes for lovely doll sweaters. Rabbit Angora sheds a lot when knitting with it though. My clothes would just be covered in hair even just after 10 minutes of knitting with it.

This one is Beige. I used a size 3 needle to knit all of these. I'm not getting into anymore detail cuz I sell these. One thing I have learned is I definitely am not charging enough for my doll outfits. A change is forth coming.

This last one is made using Cascade Yarns Kid Seta which is a lace weight Mohair/Silk/Wool blend. I like this yarn a lot. I hope they don't discontinue it for a long time.

This is not the only finished knitting I've got. I will present another finished project in my next post.

So, you may be wondering how the progress on our garage/shop building is going. It's not. The guys got done preparing the site complete with crushed gravel pounded down to resemble concrete, and then everything came to a complete stop. Why? Because it was discovered that part of said garage was going to be built on the other side of our property line. In fact, our house is 1/3 over our property line. My bedroom is on the property next door. AAAAAARRRGGGH!

Fortunately, we are part owners of the next door. My husband and his siblings own it jointly in a corporation they formed many years ago for reasons I don't want to go into. So, the solution most have agreed to is a like kind property exchange. When my husband was young ,his father gave him 10 acres which is the property we live on. Adjacent to us is a 5 acre triangle piece that is owned by the family. We will exchange 5 of our 10 acres for that 5 acre triangle and that will solve our problem. Unfortunately, this takes time, and money. So no building going on, and now the garage is going to cost a few thousand more. I am not happy about this, but oh well. We start with a property survey. The surveyors were out Monday to figure out exactly where the property lines are. Then there will be a title search. Then paperwork to fill out and file, and hopefully the county will accept the exchange. I am taking comfort in the fact that everyone we've had to deal with so far about this has told me that it happens often and it shouldn't be a problem.

The Parkarosa--never a dull moment.

Live long and prosper. \\//


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