"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


It's Begun

Life has been rather hectic around here lately. Mostly with getting ready for the construction of our new garage building. Last weekend we moved the building we call the shop cuz that's what it is. Sweet Hubby's little work shop. He and his brother moved it with their two tractors.

Doug pulled and Dan pushed. It was not easy to move, but they managed it. They wanted to turn it so the door faced the house after this but it couldn't be done without serious damage. So it's been left where it is. We also had to take down quite a few trees and whatnot. We had to have it done by Monday for certain cuz Tuesday the guys doing the prep work of the ground were scheduled to come. This is how it looked after we got both buildings out of the way, and the trees taken down. The front steps to the house are on the right.

Tuesday the excavators showed up on time and got to work.

They removed the top soil and leveled the ground. Today they are returning to lay gravel on the area.

Molly is having a bit of difficulty dealing with the chaos, but I'm using it as a training opportunity. I really am so happy with this dog, despite her problems. She is responding to training so very well. A week ago I couldn't go out any door without her trying to bolt out it. Within just a couple days she learned to stay back and sit until I go out the door. No more bolting. And the staying! I've never had a dog learn to stay as quickly as she has. She is so very smart.

She has an excessive barking problem, which I knew when I took her home. I did some research on the internet and learned how to teach her to stop that. I started two days ago. She's already improved quite a bit. Having men coming and going while they work on the garage is providing a wonderful opportunity to help her learn to not bark uncontrollably any more.

One thing Mollie has that had me completely overwhelmed for a few days is what is called leash aggression. She hates being on the leash. She can get very frustrated with it, especially if she wants to take off, and starts barking and growling like she's gonna attack. I've learned how to deal with it, though. I've been putting her in situations where she'll get that way and teaching her to calm down. I think we'll have this licked in no time. She's responding very well to the training.

Speaking of training, you may be wondering how the dog obedience class went. Well, it didn't. We got kicked out before class even got started. Mollie was fine with the other dogs, and the people, but she did not want to be on the leash, got frustrated, and threw quite a fit about it-getting very loud and was lunging trying to get off. We were unceremoniously rejected.

Actually, the trainer was extremely rude about it. She totally humiliated me in front of everyone. Without any warning she appeared shouting at me "NO! Not happening!", grabbed Mollies leash and dragged us outside. She then demanded to know if Mollie had ever been around humans. Of course she has. She loves people. She said my dog was too aggressive and can not take the class. I said "But that's why we're here! She needs training." She them demanded "Where did you get her?" I explained I got her from the humane society. She then asked me if I could still take the dog back. That's when I started to get angry. She saw Mollie all of 30 seconds and had the gall to say that to me! She offered me private lessons at $115 a pop. I went home in a rage.

After some discussion, we've decided to learn how to deal with Mollie's issued ourselves. I've been reading and watching videos on the internet, and I've bought a book and a dvd that should teach me a lot. I've already learned a lot as it is. Dogs are quite remarkable creatures.

Last Saturday the family had a little party at my nieces house. We took Mollie with us to introduce her to everyone. She did fairly well. Still exhibited some leash aggression and barked way too much. But she loved everyone and enjoyed the attention. She got along with my nieces old Labrador, Gracie, wonderfully.

While all this training is happening, Mollie has bonded to me. I realized it a week or so ago when I woke up in the middle of the night to find her head on my chest. She was sound asleep. I started crying with joy. I love this girl so much.

I have been knitting quite a bit. I've got the layette cardigan and hat knit, but not blocked yet. I put the project aside for a few days cuz I got an order for 4 doll sweaters.

The customer supplied 3 skeins of Angora yarn and I used my own mohair for the white one. It's been years since I've knit with Angora. I'd forgotten how much it sheds. I am very excited about this order. I'm starting to get a good reputation among the doll people. I will finish up the sweaters today.

The weather has been awesome the last few days. Sunshine and warmth. It actually got up to 81F degrees here yesterday, in April! All the flowering trees are in bloom in the area. My flowering plum blossoms opened up yesterday and the air smells so wonderful. I shall be doing some deck knitting today.

Live long and prosper. \\//

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