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Snowman Row

It's about time I blogged about this. I finished, blocked, and framed Snowman Row, the counted cross stitch project I've been working on for several years now. Yes, it's DONE! It's been done for awhile. I just hadn't got around to blogging it.

I apologize in advance for the quality of the pictures here. It's dark around here of late (especially outside where I usually like to take my FO photos) and I don't have any cool lighting for doing large photography projects. You can click on the pics to embiggen them.

I finished the stitching last February, then it was pushed out of my mind by life I guess. I had intended to get it framed and whatnot so I could enter it in the fair. I guess I will enter it next year. After the fair, I got about the task of framing it.

I ordered the frame and mat from Frames by Mail. I learned an important lesson from this. Let me pass it on to you. I washed my project (soaked it in hot water with a scoop of Oxyclean-came out gorgeous) and let it dry. Then I measured it, still all wrinkled and stuff, and got a measurement of 33 inches wide by 5 inches high. So that is what I based the size of my mat and frame on. They arrived the week before I went to Michigan.

That was a big mistake. Should have ironed and blocked the thing before measuring, because after I did that, the picture was three inches longer and one inch wider! So the frame and mat I bought was way too small. Insert big frowny face here.

I had to reorder the whole framing kit and kaboodle. Rats. Money wasted. I suppose I could have returned the not fitting frame, but I didn't feel right about that because it's my mistake, not theirs. So I've squirreled it away in storage.

Learn from my mistake. Press and block your picture before measuring for framing.

By the way, Frames by Mail is a great company to do business with. I am quite happy with them. The frame I bought is Pecan wood and the mat is a dark green. It's a beautiful frame. Very nice quality. I love how it enhances my snowmen.

Our weather has warmed up. We actually got rain last night. There I was with daughter Ruth, sitting in the hot tub, getting pelted by a big fat downpour. I enjoyed it anyway. Still luvin' my hot tub. Anyway, rain is predicted for the next few days, so that is good. I'd rather have that than snow while we're away.

This is my last post before my trip. We're leaving in the morning. You'll hear again from me after we get back.

Live long and prosper. \\//

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