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It's All About Shoes

Today's post is probably going to be boring to most readers. I'm writing it for a specific audience. That audience is those who own or plan to own an Iplehouse JID doll and they're searching for shoes that will fit her.

I have been doing a LOT of research on finding shoes for Sierra. They weren't easy to find. Of course, one can order shoes from Iplehouse that will fit her perfectly. I did, and received 2 pairs of shoes for her high heel feet. I got these really cute satin pumps

and some boots to go with that first outfit. They fit beautifully. No clodhopper feet with these.

But the prices are a little steep and the shipping was way too much. It was $28! I realize they're coming from Korea, but still, 28 bucks! So that's when I got really serious about finding more reasonably priced shoes for her. After much googling, I found a recommendation on a doll forum that said shoes that fit the 14 inch Kish dolls fit the JID flat feet well, and a link to an Ebay store named Deb's Adorables that sells them. The prices are very reasonable so I ordered a few pair hoping the quality and fit would be as described. It was hard to choose what to order because the selection is HUGE!

They fit Sierra's flat feet perfectly!

It's like they were made for JID girls.

They are well made. Look how perfect her feet fit in these sandals.

And these sneakers are absolutely adorable!

The sneakers come in several different  colors. I chose purple because, well, purple!

I bought 7 pairs in all and I'm very very happy with every single pair.

Deb's Adorables shipped the shoes quickly, and they were well packed.

I have not yet found a source for shoes that will fit her high heel feet. If you should know of one, please leave that information in the comments.

Weather news. They keep saying it's going to snow but so far it hasn't happened. It was cloudy and rained off and on yesterday, and the wind was bitingly cold, but no snow. Today we're expecting more rain. It's very dark out right now. The clouds are thick and threatening. Rain and wind predicted for the next 5 days.

Planning to sew this afternoon. Gotta get those outfits done! I've got one mohair sweater finished, and have started a second one.

Live long and prosper. \\//

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