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Love Is In The Air

People will tell you that spring time is the time for love. I beg to differ. For a goodly part of the animal kingdom, autumn is the season for romantic encounters

It's rutting season! For some reason the four legged hooved critters have decided the Parkarosa is the romantic place to be.

This morning we had a pair of moose hangin' around. The bull was quite obvious with his intentions (can you say horny?). He followed the cow all over the yard with his nose close to her behind trying to have his way with her. Despite his efforts, she played coy and hard to get. Click on the pics to embiggen them.

I first noticed Bull as he strolled by the living room window. When I got my camera and returned to the window he was rubbing his nice pair of antlers all over my snow berry bushes.

Missy Cow was hiding behind the tractor. When she realized I was no danger to her standing in the window watching her, she strolled over. Mmm, a tasty snack!

She's a Diva, so she had to pose for the camera.

As moose go, she's kind of small, but very pretty.

Bull didn't like having his picture taken, so he moved out of camera view to stand behind the trailer and watch Missy Cow daintily slurping up all the snow berries.

She wandered to the backyard. He followed her, nose first.

Eventually the two settled for a nice rest in a corner of the lawn by the garden fence.

A few minutes later, two Whitetail does showed up in the same corner. They walked right by the moose within touching distance of each other. They were very shy of me though, so they headed over behind the garden.

A couple minutes later I heares Ruth say "Mom, there are three bucks down the hill!" They were following the does. I couldn't get a pic of them. They went into the bushes and refused to come out.

None of this seemed to bother Bull and Missy in the slightest. They hung around for about an hour more, Bull resting in the grass, and Missy chewing on things here and there,

then slowly ambled away. His nose was close to her behind. I expect he'll follow her until he gets what he wants. Daughter says "He's gonna have a long day."

The does and bucks came back, but I chased them away. Cabled needed to pee.

Live long and prosper. \\//

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