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Mothers Day Flowers

Good grief, time has gotten away from me. It's been weeks since my last post! I've been a busy girl. Anyway, today I post about my Mothers Day. It was excellent. I packed a lunch and Sweet Hubby and I went for our traditional Mothers Day drive up into the Coeur d'Alene National Forest. Me seeking wild flowers, and he looking for snow. We took Cable with us cuz she loves adventure too. Unfortunately, Ruth had to work so she couldn't come. We found lots and lots of wild flowers and even saw a moose. And just a tiny bit of snow. We managed to get lost. So lost Doug actually asked someone for directions. He was planning to come out of the forest in Hayden, Idaho, but took a wrong turn somewhere along the way. We ended up coming out at Fernan Lake, thanks to the couple who stopped and told us where we were and how to get out, which is quite a bit south of Hayden. The two of us had a blast getting lost though. The weather was gorgeous. It was a perfect perfect day. On to the pics. Click on them to embiggen.

The first wild flower we came upon was Trilliums. The red ones were extra prolific this year.

So pretty!

There were white Trilliums too. I really have to say I've not seen so many Trilliums before. The mountains were just thick with them! There were lots and lots of yellow Buttercups too (didn't take pics of them) along with the Trilliums. Slopes were covered in them.

Then there were yellow violets.

Where there were violets, there was Anemone.

We did find just a tiny bit of snow on the highest north side of the slopes. This particular snow is at a spot where we usually have to stop and turn around. But not this year. We were able to drive right on through. The roads were dry and firm.

Next flowers to come across were Mountain Lupine. They are such a brilliant blue.

One thing I didn't think we'd find was Fairy Slippers. But we did! This one was hangin' around the above Lupine.

Here's Cable at one of our stops. It was a very warm day.

While she sat and panted, I looked around and found this flower. It's so tiny!

Here's a close up. I've run across this flower before but haven't identified it yet. It's not in any of my wildflower books.

We found another patch of Fairy Slippers.

And here is a Service Berry Bush in bloom. I have a few of these in my own yard, but they're so pretty everywhere.

Close up of the Service Berry.

This one is a new one to me. It's Baneberry.

Interesting up close.

At this point, the battery in my camera died. I had my spare with me, but it turned out to be dead too. Apparently I had forgotten to recharge it, which is a shame cuz we came across a group of new flowers I'd never seen before and I was unable to take pics of them. :-(

After we got home from our drive, Doug and Ruth gave me a Mothers Day gift. A new watch! It's PURPLE!

Do they know me or what? I love it. It's got lots of Swarovski crystals that sparkle in the light. We went out to dinner then to O'Malleys Pub in Rathdrum. I had a good time. The whole day was wonderfully relaxing a fun.

I am knitting. Not a lot, but still doing it. I've finished a pair of mittens and two hats. Hope to blog about them in the next few days.

Today a couple of guys are here installing central air conditioning in our house. HOORAY! I will actually have a cool bedroom on hot summer nights! The better to sleep in my dears. Technically, it's a heat pump. It will heat in the winter as well as cool in the summer. 80's are predicted later this week. I say bring it on!

Live long and prosper. \\//

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