"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


FOs and WIPs.

I have FOs and WIPs today, as promised. I haven't had a whole lot of time for knitting of late, so I've been keeping with small projects mostly for charity (Knit Wits). To start, I've got this pair of mens mittens. It is the 11th pair since I went into mens mitten mode for Knit Wits.

Mens Mittens for KW #11

Pattern: In my head.
Size: Mans large

Yarn: Loops & Threads Impeccable Ombre
Content: 100% Acrylic, worsted weight
Color: Seaside

Needles: Circulars size 5.

Cast on: May 5, 2015
Completed: May 14, 2015

Next FO is a fairisle hat. I loved knitting the hat I made my friend Judy, so I'm making more of them for KW, as well as teaching a beginning fairisle class using the pattern.

Polarized Hat in Black and Pink

Pattern: Polarized Hat by Tanis Gray

Yarn: Berroco Vintage
Content: 50% Acrylic/40% Wool/10% Nylon, Worsted Weight
Color: Black, Fondant

Needles: Size 9

Cast on: May 12, 2015
Completed: May 17, 2015

This is such a fun knit. I think it will make a good class project for beginning Fairisle so I've scheduled one. This is a new class for me. I'm looking forward to it. I will be teaching it on Mondays in June at Knit-n-Crochet in Coeur d'Alene.

I have another Polarized hat finished. It's in dark and light pink. However, I forgot to take a pic of it before taking it down to the shop to put on display as advertising for the class. I will take pics at a later date.

Now for WIPs. I've got another pair of mittens for Knit Wits going. It's such a good KIP project.

When I went to the shop to drop off the hat, I picked up 4 skeins of Plymouth Encore in manly colors. This is the first.

I have good news. I finally got myself back to working on the moose sweater. I got 4 rows done this week. It took a few minutes to figure out where I was in the chart, but then it was easy going.

Another WIP I worked on this month,  but have not taken a pic, is the fairisle heart mitten. I got the top done, now on to the thumb. I am not enjoying this project. I'm thinking about stopping at one mitten and finding another pattern to do.

This week we had beautiful weather. It was hot and sunny most of the week. It looks like that will continue (though there are rumors it will rain on Memorial Day). It's in the 80's right now. We figure summer is going to be extra hot and dry this year what with spring coming a bit early and all. The woods are already dry and crunchy. I asked Doug about getting a portable air conditioner for my bedroom window. I can not sleep when it's hot, and my bedroom gets the southern and western sun, so it gets super hot. Doug suggested a better idea. So we had central air conditioning installed Wednesday. Technically, we got a heat pump, which does both cooling and heating. It's supposed to be super efficient and lower our heating costs in the winter by quite a bit.

We've got it running now and it's wonderful. I am staying indoors because it's pine pollen season and I was having a hard time with the asthma. After a couple really bad nights earlier this week, I decided it is better to stay indoors. The pollen should be done in a few days.

I'm gonna go knit now. Live long and prosper. \\//

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  1. You do such incredibly beautiful work!!! I love to see your projects. It motivates me to finish mine...I'm good at knitting, bad at finishing! :-)