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Quick Post

Just a quick post to say my Sweet Hubby finished his ride. He made it from start to finish. Congratulations sweetie!

Sweet Hubby started in San Diego, CA and rode his bicycle across the southern tier of the United States. He ended in St. Augustine, FL. It was around 3300 miles. Here he is with his bike wheel in the Atlantic ocean.

As I write this, he's on a plane on his way home right now. I can hardly wait for him to get here. His flight arrives in 4 hours.

Still no snow. It's been very cold and dry. Lots of sunshine, but we haven't been above freezing in a week. But the weather forecast says things will change starting tomorrow night. Snow is coming. I knew it was waiting for Sweet Hubby to get home.

Live long and prosper. \\//

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  1. Congratulations Doug, and welcome home. Totally awesome!!!
    Luv you all,