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Rose Licorice

I have been beading like crazy the past few days. North Idaho fair time has arrived and I decided I wanted to finish a necklace I started quite some time ago and enter it this year. I finished it late this afternoon. I present Rose Licorice.

I made the pendant in July of last year. The pattern for it is from a Russian web site called Black Lily, and it's free:  Twisted Beam Star Pendant. It's done in peyote stitch, using different size beads to get the twist in it.

I decided I wanted to enter this project in the Beaded Peyote Necklace category, so I made some tubular beaded beads and combined them with 6mm Rose Pink Swarovski bicones, some 6mm round Onyx, some sterling silver 4mm round beads, and some interesting silver bead caps. I made 2 types of peyote tubular beads. First are 6 of these black ones. I used delicas in matte black as the main color with shiny black for a 'barely there' diamond on the front and back.

In keeping with the diamond pattern, I did 4 tubular beads in shiny black and the bright pink silver lined delicas used in the pendant.

I strung everything on wire and used crimp beads on the ends. The edges of the holes in the round silver beads are super sharp, plus I've got those crystals in there. I didn't think my usual Fireline thread would be able to stand up to either of those for very long.

The tube beads are hollow, so I stabilized them to make them hang correctly. I inserted pieces of plastic drinking straw inside to firm up the sides, then strung them over top some size 6 seed beads in black. They are nicely hidden by the bead caps.

The finished length is 24 inches.

I will be turning it in at the fair for entry Tuesday afternoon, along with all the other entries I have. As usual, I am taking care of the Knit Wits entries this year. I have a few other things I'm entering myself too, but I'll do a separate post about that later.

Now I need something new in my wardrobe to go with it. Hmm...

Live long and prosper. \\//

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