"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


It's Definitely August

I can tell we're in the month of August now. Aside from all the forest fire smoke in the air, the deer and moose are showing up way more frequently to eat in our green oasis we call our yard. Just in the last few days we've had 2 moose show up after dark (so I couldn't take pics), and we've had some Whitetail deer, of which I did get pics.

This doe showed up at dusk.

Then a couple days later, in the middle of the afternoon, I noticed this guy.

While taking his picture, this guy walked into the frame.

They are so beautiful!

Others have come to our green buffet during the night to eat. I'm sure of it, because the dogwood vine has been decimated, and the lower branches of all my deciduous trees have been stripped clean. They haven't bothered the Geraniums in the boxes on the deck though. That is good.

Life on the Parkarosa. Never a dull moment.

I got all the Knit Wits fair entries in. It went pretty well this time. Only had 2 items missing their tags, which the fair people printed up for me right away.

Something I have not blogged about. I've been having trouble with my eyesight the past few months. It's the main reason I haven't been beading much. It hurt too much to try focusing on those itty bitty pieces of glass. In the evening my eyes would hurt so much I even stopped knitting and have been knitting mostly in the daylight.

A week and a half ago I finally went to my optometrist to find out what was going on. I really expected her to say my cataracts were much worse and I would need surgery. That isn't what happened, thankfully. The problem is not serious, and is fixable. Something has caused my eyes to become seriously inflamed, and even swollen. She isn't sure what the specific cause is, but it's probably a combination of things (air pollutants, allergies, etc), including needing a new prescription for my glasses. So, I got new glasses, which I picked up yesterday.

In addition, she has me using prescription eye drops several times a day, hot compresses at night, and massaging my tear ducts. The treatment is helping. My eyes are feeling much better, and as you could see yesterday, I'm able to bead again. Originally I wasn't going to try and finish that necklace to enter it, but my eyes feel so good I had to give it a go. I'm glad I did.

I go in again for a follow up appointment on Friday so she can check on the progress of my eyes. I'm glad they have stopped hurting all the time. And it's nice to be able to see clearly again. Aging sure sucks though.

Live long and prosper. \\//

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