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WIP Wednesday 2/26/2014

Time for another WIP Wednesday post.

That 1/3rd done sleeve on the gansey? Yeah. About that.  Yesterday I worked it up to it being just over half done and then I frogged it. I wasn't liking it. I'd made some mistakes early in the sleeve which I wasn't gonna fix, and then I discovered I'd missed 3 decreases on one side. I needed to frog back quite a bit. I decided I wan't happy with my workmanship on the whole sleeve. Might as well go back to the beginning. I'm much happier now. No pics. It pretty much looks like this.

Last Saturday I started teaching a 3 session sock class. I decided to knit along with the class. I'm doing a different stitch pattern than the students, but the basic construction is the same. I've got until Saturday to get to the heel flap if I wanna keep up with my class. Not very good light for this pick, but you get the idea.

The yarn. The bright pink/violet is Plymouth Neon Now. The dark purple is Sock-A-Licious Kollage.

Here's my beading WIP. A chain for the amulet bag.

My sock class was so much fun the first day. I have 5 very enthusiastic students. I also have my very first male student. He is quite sweet. He's making socks for his wife. I wish there were more males that knit. Anyway, the class is doing well. They all caught on to the technique of knitting in the round with 2 circular needles very quickly. I have one student who insists on learning the double-pointed needles method, so I'm dealing with that (sigh). There's always one oddball in a group of humans. She is doing well too. Hopefully, everyone will have their homework done next Saturday. (Yes, I give homework.)

I'm also teaching an Entrelac Fingerless Mitts class. It started last week on Monday. I had 2 students at the first session (5 signed up, urg). One of them let me know she was going to miss the second session because she'll be out of town this week. So she wasn't there for it this Monday.

Why do people do that? Why do they take a class when they know they're going to miss a good chunk of it? The class is only 3 sessions. Missing one session, incidentally the most important session-how to actually knit the Entrelac, means she's missing 33% of the class! She's expecting me to give her an extra day of my time to make it up, for free! When my classes are scheduled and announced, folks are given the information as to what dates the class will be on, materials, tools, etc so they have what they need to determine if they can take it or not. Urg. One of my pet peeves.

The other one is people signing up to take a class, then not showing up at all. I planned the mitts class for 5 people. I showed up with 5 patterns and 5 hand outs. Those cost me money! Sometimes people sign up for my classes and come class day no one shows up. Then I've wasted 42 miles worth of gas and an hour and a half of my time driving back and forth for nothing! I consider it incredibly rude and inconsiderate. If I could change the world...

If you're interested in participating in WIP Wednesday, please join us.
Live long and prosper. \\//

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