"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


A Pair of Mens Mittens

I totally forgot about this pair of mittens I finished some time ago. I bought this yarn when I was in Petosky, MI and started them there.

Palm side

Mens Mittens in Shades of Blue and Grey

Pattern: Seed Stitch Striped Mens Mittens by me. For Knitwits.

Yarn: Berroco Vintage Colors
Content: 50% Acrylic/40% Wool/10% Nylon, worsted weight

Needles: Addi Turbo Circular size 6

Cast on: April 4, 2013
Completed: April 23, 2013

Comments: As you can see, I left out the seed stitch and did them in stockinette. I decided the variegation speaks for itself. It was a good project for me to do when I was under extreme stress.

Back side

The yarn is very soft and wonderful to work with. The mittens are going to Knitwits.

The shoes I ordered for my Ellowyne Wilde dolls arrived.

The recently finished little black dress definitely looks better with these pumps than with the boots.

Shoes for these dolls are very expensive. I was looking at a set of 3 pairs of genuine EW shoes and they were $65 for the set. I don't spend that much on shoes for me. So I searched the internet for a less expensive alternative. I found this web site:  Facets by Marcia

I think even her prices are a bit steep for tiny little dolls shoes, but it was way better than most I've seen. So I ordered from her. I'm quite pleased with the quality.

Had Knitwits today. I had a great time. Such a fun bunch of ladies. One of our newer members was standing by the table full of this months finished donations huffing and sighing. I finally asked her if she needed help with something. She said yes, then pulled up 2 shopping bags chock full of little knit children's hats. She'd been to Walmart and they had the hats on clearance sale for 12 cents apiece! She'd bought all they had and wasn't sure if she could donate them to Knitwits. I assured her we'd gladly take them. Knit by us, or knit by a commercial company-there are children who could very much use them. Then she told me she also has a bag full of children's mittens at home she got at Walmart for 25 cents a pair. She'll be bringing them next month.

After that I went to The Beadtender and purchased some delicas. Boy, was that place hoppin'! Good to see a small business being successful. Anyway, I'm going to test a new beading pattern for an online beading friend. It gave me an excuse to buy more beads! So win/win from my perspective.

After The Beadtender, we (daughter Ruth and I) went to Home Depot to check out our options for creating a minimum-weed garden. I think, rather than using some kind of mulch, we're going to go with a drip irrigation system. I bought a starting kit for it. We'll add on as we need. I like this idea because it uses less water than sprinklers, you can direct the water exactly where you want it, thus not watering between the rows so weeds don't grow, and it can be reused year after year after year. It'll be a bit of work setting it up, but once it's done, it's done. If weeds do manage to grow between the rows, I've got my brand new Garden Weasel to make short work of them. I've been wondering why I've been doing gardening the hard way all these years. Before we moved to Idaho, when we lived in California, I had a drip system for my veggie garden there, and I used mulch. It made life so much easier. I can't imagine why I've waited so long to do it here. Just call me silly. Oh yes, also bought Gladiola and Lily bulbs in shades of reds and pinks. I will have a gorgeous garden this year!

Live long and prosper. \\//

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