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A Major Goal Accomplished

Yesterday was a great day! Yesterday was a fantastic day! Yesterday is the day I FedEx'd the final payment on our house! WOO HOO!

It's ours at last!

It's a small house. Not a fancy house. But it's OUR house. How sweet is that?! (By the way, Sweet Hubby mowed the lawn on Saturday. Looks like the Dandelions don't care. That is okay. I have a new gardening tool on order that will fix them!) We will be having a party soon to celebrate. WOO HOO!

A friend of mine gave us a hot tub too. She GAVE us a hot tub! Thank you Dorothy!

Sweet Hubby and his brother brought it home after work yesterday. Now we need to install it. Wow! We have our own hot tub! I can hardly wait until it's all hooked up and ready to get in.

Yesterday is also the day the flowering plum out front burst into bloom. It was 84F degrees and I guess it accelerated things a bit. No open flowers on Monday. All open flowers on Tuesday.

This is the prettiest it's been ever.

Such a lovely shade of pale pink. And it smells so good!

Life is good!

Live long and prosper. \\//

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  1. Woo hoo!! Congratulations!! *throws confetti*

    Your plum tree was celebrating for you!