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The Orphan

Parktoberfest was fun, as usual. Not as many people this year-mostly family members  and the games were virtually ignored by all. I think too many of us are getting too old to toss a caber. It's more fun to sit around chatting, eating, and drinking. Less likely to hurt the back too. There was lots of very very very good food. We ate heartily. Somehow I managed to stay sober though.

One of the many conversations I had last night was with my sis-in-law about the orphan moose that has been hanging around the creek that runs behind their house. Brother-in-law has been working on cleaning out portions of the creek where it has become clogged with dead trees and vegetation causing it to flood in places it shouldn't. Several animals have been bedding down in the tall grass where he's been working, including the orphan moose.

I think the orphan moose has had enough of it because it showed up over here in my yard this morning, and it won't go away. Click on pics to embiggen.

It's way too young to be away from it's mother, so we think something happened to her. Maybe the coyotes got her or something.

It's enjoying the leaves of the flowering plum. Since the leaves have been falling off anyway, I haven't objected to it.

But I draw the line at my rose bushes. All morning it has been trying to eat the rose bush just below the living room window I took these pictures from.

In an effort to make it go away, I let Cable out to bark and chase. No go. The orphan acts like she's not even there, so Cable came back into the house in disgust. Since then,  I've been squirting orphan in the face with water (from inside the window) when it comes near the bush. It doesn't like that. It's a bit frustrated.

As I write this, the little pest is laying down by the trailer at the side of the house. It probably thinks  I will get tired and go away so then it can molest my rose bush at will.

I have a broom. I might have to use it.

Life on the Parkarosa. Never a dull moment.

Live long and prosper. \\//

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