"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


It's Nice Here

We made it to Westport, WA all safe and sound yesterday. It was a long drive. 8.5 hours, including a stop for lunch, and a couple potty breaks for Cable. Cable did absolutely fantastic in the car. She was so calm and quiet. She enjoyed the ride when she wasn't asleep.

After arriving, we checked into the condo we've rented for the weekend. It's lovely and the view is fantastic. From the balcony:

The yellow is Scotch Broom. It's blooming all over the place. The Rhododendrons are in bloom too. All sorts of colors, and the bushes are HUGE! Some of them taller than houses. Rhodies won't grow that big in north Idaho. I have one I planted 12 years ago that is not much taller than it was when planted. It just started blooming a couple years ago. I should take some pics of the Rhodies here and show them to mine. Maybe it'll inspire her?

After we got checked in, I took Cable for her very first walk on the beach. We had to walk up a little hill, and then down the other side to the beach. I stopped at the top and said "Cable. This is the ocean. Big water." Oh wow! Does she ever love it! She was practically dancing with joy as she dashed around in circles sniffing everything and running back and forth. She got caught by a wave (surprise!), discovered salt water ain't so tasty (hack! Ick!), and chased birds off the sand. We spent about an hour, just the two of us, exploring. I took this pic of her with the waves behind.

Big happy smile!

It's cloudy, chilly, and damp so there's hardly anyone around. We pretty much had the whole beach to ourselves.

This morning she woke me up at 6:30 to do her business. I reluctantly got dressed, grabbed the leash, and out we went. As soon as that ocean air hit me I woke up and felt so good! Instead of just dragging Cable to the 'dog area' we ended up taking another hour walk on the beach. The tide was out and there was no one else in sight. It was so nice to have it all to ourselves. We played together a bit, and she ran, and explored. This time I found a beautiful orange agate, and 3 small sand dollars to bring home.

As I was walking this morning I thought about our trip here last year. How miserable I felt physically, and how much better I feel now. So glad I had that hysterectomy. I have energy to walk on the beach!

We did drop in last night. Elizabeth's house is really beautiful. Lots of pale greens and blond wood in the decor, which is my favorite. I adore pale green walls. Probably because that's what I grew up with. They are soothing to my soul. We're talking about painting the walls inside our house and that's the color I want. A pale green.

Elizabeth has two little terriers, Pete and Penny. Penny is rather territorial and took an instant dislike to Cable and chased her down the stairs into a corner. Poor Cable. Doug rescued her. I think, in time, they'll make friends because Penny started warming up before we left. But I'm being cautious. Cable could grab her and shake her to death in a heart beat. (I've seen what she can do to her toys and often thought I was glad I am not a rabbit.) Don't want that to happen.

Pete thinks Cable is wonderful. So we're okay there.

I finished the Ruffled Scarf in the car on the way here. Whew, that was an exciting experience. With about 2 yards of yarn left to go, I accidentally dropped all the stitches off the needle. YIKES! I found 7 of them, but couldn't find the 8th. Took awhile. I slowly tinked back one stitch at a time until I found a loose loop hiding. Whew! I was relieved! I did not want to have to frog and start all over!

I will take pics and post them later. I've figured out what I'm going to do with the scarf. I'm going to give to Elizabeth as a gift. I noticed she has quite a few scarves hanging on hooks around the house-as decoration-including one I gave her last year. She has one empty hook hanging in the bathroom among 3 others with scarves on them. It needs a fancy new scarf on it.

This afternoon we'll be at my sister-in-laws new house for a house warming party. Cable will probably have to spend a good deal of the day in the car. , but with all the people coming to the party, she won't be able to be with me in the house and there is no fence around the yard.

Okay Mom, enough with the camera. I wanna pee on that pile of seaweed over there.

I plan to take her for at least 2 walks on the beach while there so she can get some exercise and I'll need the break away from the noise, I'm sure. We'll both have a good day. I will make sure of it.

Live long and prosper. \\//

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