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Insert Wolf Whistle Here

Just a quick post before I head out today. This fiiiine looking young fellow dropped by around dinner time yesterday.

Takin' a little stroll across the yard.

Stopping for a bite to eat. I guess Thimble Berry bush is a delicacy.

Just a reminder, the horizontal cross bar on the fence is 4 feet high.

Small as moose guys go, but still, darn big! He snorted a bit at me, so I kept my distance and used the telephoto lense.

Life at the Parkarosa is never dull.

Live long and prosper. \\//


  1. Aweosme ... I'd keep my distance too. He looks like he's giving you warning looks there!

  2. LMAO! Linda you crack me up!!! I would freak out if I saw a moose in my backyard, especially if he was in Maryland!

  3. I love your moose chronicles!!! lol I would love to see that beautiful fellow!