"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


WIP Wednesday June 8, 2011

 Haven't been posting much the last couple weeks, have I? I've been distracted from the blogging. I will get back to it, though, starting now. I've got a WIP Wednesday for you.

The little baby pullover is making good progress. I've finished the front and back and have picked up stitches for the first sleeve.

I'm at the thumb on this Entrelac mitt. I've kind of stalled at this point. I can't figure out how to do the next thing to make it look like I want. Argh! Frustrating!

I have a beading WIP.

Even-count tubular peyote neck chain to hang the blue and white donut on.

My French Lilac is in full bloom.

It smells so good.

So, what's this big distraction in my life of late? My Droid. I can't seem to stop playing with it.

I'm having way too much fun. In the last week I've played 26 games of Solitaire, winning 24 of them.

Over the weekend, after I'd done more yard work than I should have so that I breathed in too much pine pollen and had to sit for awhile sucking on my inhaler, I discovered the wonders of Pandora. It's a program for turning electronic gadgets like computers, phones, ipads, etc, into radios. I love it. You can personalize the kind of music you want to hear. For instance, it asked me for the name of a favorite artist. I typed in Nora Jones. It created a radio station that plays Nora Jones type music.

So, I sat on the deck, working on the above little sweater while listening to the calming tones of Nora Jones and others who do similar music to hers. It was a very pleasant time for me.

Yeah, the weekend. It was very nice. Sunshine, heat--got up to 81F on Sunday. T'was wonderful! (Except for the pine pollen-which is extra thick this year.) Saturday I got my hair trimmed, and then we had the graduation party for my nephews son. There were a few family members from out of town there. It was good to see them again.

 I spent most of Sunday working on gardening sorts of things. I replaced all the marigolds that died from frost with dwarf dahlias (cuz that's what they had at the hardware store in Rathdrum). I tried resuscitating my poor tomato plants. They got frosted over Memorial Day weekend while we were away on the  coast. They are so pathetic.

The two in the pot on the right look dead, but there are tiny little leaf sprouts on it. So, they are alive. (Before Memorial day they were about 18 inches tall and starting to bloom.) When sweet hubby saw them later that afternoon he exclaimed "Those are pathetic! You'll never get tomatoes from them! Go buy some new ones. Some BIG ones!" So I did.

Aren't they beeyooteeus? (Please don't ask what I paid for them.) These gals already have flowers on them. I just might get to have that much longed after tomato sandwich later this summer. I can hardly wait! I will be yanking the pathetic ones out of the big pots and replacing them with these tomorrow-weather permitting. (yeah, that heat didn't stay around long.)

The dinnerplate dahlias I started indoors then hardened off and put outdoors, only to have them get frosted over the same disgusting weekend as the tomatoes, seem to be recovering too. I ignored them all last week, but finally checked them out and they weren't as bad as I thought. Only 3 of them were totally slime. There were still quite a few green leaves and new growth on the rest, so I think they'll be okay. They are, in fact, way ahead of where they'd be if I'd just put the rhizomes in the ground on Sunday. We'll see what happens.

Note to self: Next year, wait until AFTER Memorial Day before putting out those frost fearing plants.

If you're interested in participating in WIP Wednesday, please join us.

Live long and prosper. \\//


  1. I love all your WIPs. Your beading is amazing!!!!! There are so many of the finished pieces I love.

    I started my urban gardening late this year so I'm only growing basil. Good luck with your tomatoes; I hope you get good crop from the new plants.

  2. The pullover is beyond awesome! AND your beautiful flowers....sooooooo pretty.

  3. Love the pullover, but the beading is gorgeous! Wow! I love Pandora as well. :)