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A Stroll in the Yard

This weekend I took a stroll in my yard and took some photos of the various wild flowers currently in bloom. Click on them for an enlarged view.

Blue-Eyed Mary was the most difficult for me to photograph for two reasons.

1. The wind was blowing so it wouldn't stay still at all. 2. It's 1/8th of an inch wide. The large light colored sticks blurred in the background are pine needles. Just so you know.

 This is a Grape Hyacinth. They don't normally grow wild around here. In fact, it's never been here before. A seed must have been carried from someones yard.

I found it just a couple feet from Morgans grave.

This is a blue wild Violet. They are all over the Parkarosa right now.

I've never seen so many of them as we have this year. They must thrive on cold wet springs.

This is a Pipers Anemone.

A clump of Violets in a redder shade of purple. These are rare on the Parkarosa.

 The Serviceberries are just starting to bloom. This one is the first to open near the house.

Looks like we may have a nice crop of Wild Strawberries.

The berries are so small, though, that it takes an hour or so just to get a cup of them. I usually leave them for the wildlife to eat.

Oregon Grape is not quite open yet. Give it a couple more days.

This is a rainbow we had a few days ago. One of my favorite things about spring. We see lots of them at this time of year.

So, can you guess what this fuzzy grape looking thing is?

It's a bud on my French Lilac bush.

There are 51 of them. It has never had this many buds before. Hopefully there won't be a freeze so it can bloom. I can hardly wait!

I bought a whole bunch of annuals-Marigolds, Pansies, Violets, Sweet William, and Snapdragons, and 4 tomato plants for the deck planters. I planted everything except the Tomatoes. There is a chance of snow tonight, so I'm going to wait a bit. I don't want to take any chances.

The Dahlias I sprouted indoors are doing fine. A little leggy, but now that they're getting to spend a bit of time outside each day, they are getting a little fuller. I've been pruning them when they get over 2 feet tall, so they're starting to get some branches. I hope to put them and the tomatoes in the ground in a week or so.

We had very nice weather over the weekend. On Saturday it got up to 81F degrees! Sunday was warm and nice for half the day, then it cooled off and started to rain. Right now it's raining. We've had 2 inches in the last 24 hours. Seems wrong, somehow, but snow is expected tonight. I am so over snow. Give it up already!

Live long and prosper. \\//

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  1. Beautiful stuff. We have a lot of those little violets in our yard. I hate when they pop up randomly and get mowed down with the lawn, but plenty are near trees and safe, LOL! Sounds like you got all my favorite annuals to plant too!