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The Beach

Finally, I've found a moment for a quick post. I'm skipping WIP Wednesday. I got other things to talk about.

Our trip was wonderful. I really enjoyed it. It served 2 purposes. One-sweet hubby has been dying to see the house his sister is having built. Two-our wedding anniversary fell on this weekend. We decided to escape to celebrate. 29 years, for those wondering.

I took pics of the beach, a few of which I will share here.

This beach is near Westport, WA. It is the beach near the house my sister-in-law is building.

It's a combination of gravel and sand. There's a lot more sand when the tide is out. It's almost all the way in here.

This is sweet hubby and his sister, Elizabeth. We were checking out her new digs. As you can see, the roof is a bit leaky.

Coastal deer frequently visit her back yard.

I liked this large chunk of driftwood. It's pretty.

There were lots and lots of sand dollars on the beach.


And some shells too.

They are having spring over there. There were flowers blooming around the hotel we stayed at.

 We spent 2 nights in Westport, then we drove around the Olympic Peninsula, finally ending up in Tacoma at my other sister-in-laws house where we spent the night. On Monday we headed for home.

I worked on the second Star Trek sock in the car. Got it almost done. I will probably finish it tonight since all I have left is the toe.

Today we are getting winter storm warnings. Lots of snow expected. I'm so glad I got to enjoy some sunshine over the weekend.
Live long and prosper. \\//


  1. Happy belated anniversary!

    Love the pictures! Washington and Oregon are places I would love to travel to in the future. So pretty!

  2. What a wonderful location for a home!