"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


WIP Wednesday January 19, 2011

Featuring something different on today's WIP Wednesday. My felt stocking.

 I gave Santa eyes, eyebrows, and a nose last night.

The white dots on his eyes are french knots. It's the first time I've done french knots and got them right the first time. I kind of got excited about that. It's nice not having to take them out and redo them.

I also got 6 inches done on the right front of the Lobster cardi, and I'm about halfway down the leg of the second slip rib sock. (I bet y'all thought I'd forgotten that one. I haven't.) On the weekend I wrote up the pattern, and now I'm test knitting it while doing the second sock. I've found 2 mistakes so far. So glad I'm test knitting it before publishing it.

I got the most wonderful surprise in the mail yesterday. My friend Judy sent me mittens that she knitted for me.

No one has ever knitted me something before. I almost started crying. What a wonderful thing to do. I love you Judy! Thank you so much. I will treasure them. Don't worry, I will wear them.

My daughter, Ruth, is having an interesting week. Jury duty. She actually ended up on a jury. I'm happy about that. The experience will be good for her.

This morning I woke up to clear blue skies, sunshine, and 11F degrees. Brr. I'm going to see if I can soak up a bit of that sunshine without freezing my arse off. I need the vitamin D.

Today I have Yarnies. I will take the finished little red sweater with me. The owner can pick it up at the shop.

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Live long and prosper.\\//


  1. That stocking is going to be so adorable! And I love that you received your first knitted-especially-for-you gift. :) (I was spoiled on that count as a kid, both my mom and grandmother are amazing knitters.)

  2. Sounds like you've been busy! That stocking is turning out great. I have so much trouble with French Knots.

    What an amazing gift from your friend!

  3. That is an AWESOME stocking. I love the detail and work into it.

    Mittens! Hurray! Not only are they beautifully made, there seems something just plain cheery about them!

  4. Lovely mittens, I love the yarn she picked out. Great work on the stocking!

  5. Your stocking is so cute! I just bought an embroidery book so hopefully I can learn how to make french knots, too. What a sweet and perfect first handknitted gift.

  6. French knots and I do not get along, so I am even more awed by the amount of work it will take to make that adorable stocking. Lucky you to get a surprise gift of mittens -- sometimes people think that because we can make things ourselves, we do not need them as gifts, but it's not true! Handmade gifts are special.

  7. Your stocking looks like a fun project. The mittens look warm. Funny how knitters rarely get knitted gifts.