"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman



My computer downloaded a software update during the night and now it won't work. I am posting this with Sweet Hubbies iPad. The computer is trying to fix itself, but after waiting all day for it to finish, I'm losing hope. Let me just make this perfectly clear-I am very unhappy with Windows 7. It is way too incompatible with everything out there. It's the second time this has happened. I wish I knew which program updated and caused the problem. I'd be making a heated phone call or two. Sigh...

Christmas was good. On Christmas eve the Park's got together for dinner, as usual. Goodness, there was so much food I couldn't even try it all. Lots of conversation and laughter. Also some tears because we all miss Chet so much.

Christmas morning we got up early to Skype with Sarah and Frank. I wanted to watch them open the box with the sweaters in them. I think they were surprised. Both sweaters fit really well and they seem to be very happy with them. I got so lucky on the fit. I just went with my gut on size and measure and managed to guess correctly. Whew!

Santa gave me the complete DVD set of Star Trek Deep Space Nine. I am thrilled! I never got to see it very often when it was running on tv but I really liked what I did see. Now I get to watch it all, whenever I want to!

Santa also brought me a gift certificate for CDA Yarn and Fiber and chocolates. Yum, chocolates!

Christmas afternoon we went to our friends, Don and Phyllis's, for dinner and cards. We also played a game of Dominoes. A good time was had by all even though I didn't win.

Sunday I spent recovering from two days of too much. I worked on the blue sock. I'm glad I started it over. I like it much better now.

I probably won't post anything more until I can get Purple Dell working again. I am wishing I'd backed up the hard drive on Friday like I'd planned.

Live long and prosper.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear you are so frustrated with it. I have been pleasantly surprised. But I have my update settings set to ask before downloading and I only update what I deem necessary. I hope it's back up soon and Merry Christmas. It feels good doesn't it? :)