"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


WIP Wednesday 11/03/2010

 I have finished lesson 2 of the French beading class I'm taking.

 This is a cool project. I'm learning new things about circular peyote.

My daughter, Ruth, revealed that she owns a French/English dictionary and she has lent it to me. Yay! The meaning of some of the French words is sticking with me now, which speeds the translating up a bit. I may not be able to speak it, but I will be able to read it. Well, some of it anyway.

I've made a change in the sidebar. My little photo slideshow widget stopped working. Upon investigation, I discovered the owner has removed it from the web. If his part is gone, mine won't work. So I've replaced it with a new, and as it turns out, much better one.

I've also added a Sharing tool at the bottom of every post so you can share the things you like here on Facebook, Twitter, and whatnot.

As you can see, my Blog is a constant work in progress.

We had sunshine yesterday, and sunshine today. The weatherman said the 4 letter word is coming next week. You know the word I'm talking about. The one that starts with 's' and ends with 'brrrrrrr'.

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Live Long and Prosper \\//

3 down, 27 to go


  1. That's absolutely beautiful! I've done a couple of French Beaded flowers... but wish I had time to do more!

  2. Love your beadwork, but love even more your definition of what you're getting next week - "starts with S and ends with brrr!" - ROFL!

    We're supposed to get some of the flurries of that as early as tomorrow night! Yuck!

  3. SOOO pretty!

    The last few days have been unseasonably warm here, too. SNOW! Lucky duck. I love snow (this coming from a girl who has never lived in it)

  4. Wow! Your beading is beautiful!

  5. So lovely! I wish I had the time to learn this technique because it reminds me of vintage jewelry which I love. Keep up the loveliness!