"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Thank You Rod Serling

I swear, some time between when I went to bed last Sunday night and when I got up Monday morning Rod Serling probably stood at the foot of my bed as I peacefully slept, minding my own business and dreaming about something nice, and told his audience I was about to take a visit to the Twilight Zone because I'm feeling like I'm in it. Strange things have been happening this week. Really strange things.

Take Monday, for example. Sweet Hubby started the day with a rant about how I only do the laundry every two weeks or so and on top of that one of his pairs of pants is missing. He swears he has 4 pair of slacks but he can only find 3 pair. Aside from the fact that I've done at least one, if not two, loads of laundry almost every single day the past two weeks is beside the point. (He still owes me an apology for that one), but the pants rant really did it for me. Especially when I did the laundry later that day and found 4 pair of slacks in the laundry basket (I KNOW I washed at least two pair of slacks earlier the previous week-sigh), and he'd worn one pair to work. By my math, that is 5 pairs of pants. So I don't know what the heck he's talking about. I also find it disturbing that a man who took that much math in college (can you say calculus and differential equations folks?) can't count up to 5.

I solved the whining problem by taking a trip to J.C. Penney and purchasing 4 more pair of brand new (thankfully on sale for 70% off) slacks for him. The fact they actually had 4 pair in his size is proof that the Twilight Zone exists. (Sweet Hubby is 6'5", most of it in the form of legs. It is very hard to find pants long enough for him.) He had 9 pair of pants hanging in the closet when he got home from work. I don't wanna hear any more whining about PANTS!

After getting home from the mall, I decided to fill the emptied bird feeders. So I grabbed the bird seed, a couple blocks of suet, and headed outside. It was bitterly cold, and the wind was blowing. I walked up to the Plum tree and saw a Pine Siskin sitting at the Thistle feeder (which did not need to be filled) eating away. As I walked toward him I expected him to take off and fly away. He didn't . He just kept sitting there eating Thistle seeds like they were soon to go out of fashion or something. In fact, he actually let me pet him! In case you think this is an April Fools joke, I've got the pictures to prove it. That is my finger stroking his soft silky warm little side.

Ruth came over to investigate the truth of my incredulity.

As I filled the feeders he continued to sit there gorging himself on seed. He was really really hungry. Then, to top that off the woodpeckers, chickadees, and House Finches joined him in the tree and sat there scolding me for taking so long to fill the feeders. I had chickadees a foot from my face chirping away. It was really weird. They are not afraid of me in the least.

Eventually the Pine Siskin had his fill and flew away.

On Tuesday it seemed like an ordinary day. I did a bit of knitting, and worked on a beading project of sorts. It was the middle of the night that got weird. Around 3am I was awoken by the ink jet printer sitting on the desk in the bedroom. It started printing. At first I thought maybe Ruth was still up and was printing something out, but it kept going, and going. Tommy let me know that I needed to get up and rescue him from this strange noise, so I got up. I tried to get it to stop printing, but it would not. It just kept spitting out one print job after another. Print jobs from February that I had canceled when my attempts to print them failed at the time. The boarding passes for our trip to Santa Cruz, various coupons for Michaels now long expired, a coupon for Eyemasters that also has long expired, a sock pattern, and a tutorial for bead crocheted beaded beads (in French, no less), amongst other things. These are print jobs I canceled last February. In addition, there have been several print jobs since then that I've had success in accomplishing. So, what the heck is going on? After about 20 minutes it finally exhausted itself of history in the print queue and shut up. Tommy and I were able to go back to sleep.

Last night, around 8:30 pm Winter Weather storm warnings started scrawling across the television. Predictions of as much as 18 inches of snow are expected. However, not until late tomorrow night. I thought that was weird. So did Sweet Hubby. We'll believe it when we see it. Oh yes, and all the Idaho Highway Reader Boards are saying "Just Relax". Huh?

Today, in 30 minutes time (the time it took to go from CDA Yarn & Fiber to my house) I was rained on, sunned on, winded, snowed on, sunned on, hailed on, rained on, sunned on, snowed on, hailed on again, and then the sun came out as I walked into the house whereby it proceeded to hail as I shut the door. I looked for rainbows but didn't see any.

I'm afraid to get up tomorrow.


I have got a bit of knitting done. I've added a bit to the first Blackberry Rick sock. I am really liking the stitch pattern with this yarn.

I started another lace shrug for Knitwits too. I'm having fun with this one because the stitch pattern is interesting, yet easy to memorize.

My beading project involved this sweater.

It belonged to sis-in-laws mother. She gave it to me when we were in Santa Cruz, CA helping her with her mom's stuff. This was a very high end sweater made of lambs wool. It is very worn, so no longer wearable. Sue was gonna chuck it, but those beads are worth something to me. I asked if I could have it for the beads.

The embroidery is beautiful. It's a shame it's not wearable any more.

On Tuesday I spent a couple of hours removing the beads from the sweater. I ended up with 2 2/3rds tubes worth.

I could not rescue the pearl beads. They're plastic and glued to the thread they were on. It wasn't worth it to me to drill all those holes open again. I intend to make Sue a piece of jewelry with some of the beads from her mothers sweater. I think she'll like that.

Well, Survivor is on. So, have a nice evening.


  1. Cool. I never thought to rescue beads off of sweaters. Did you felt the sweater down to use for other crafts? I've been scouring thrift stores for good feltable sweaters, so I hope you got good use out of that one!

  2. @ Skittl1321,
    No I didn't felt the sweater. The fabric was so thin (thinner than the very nice satin lining) and didn't feel right. So I chucked it.