"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Parental Pride, I Haz It

So, how was your Easter weekend? Mine was good.

On Saturday we did our taxes. I hate doing taxes. It's the one time of year that Sweet Hubby and I end up losing our patience and arguing with each other. That didn't happen this time. Have we finally mellowed out over this? Anyway, we get a refund from the Federal and have to pay the State. At least it's not a lot we have to pay (remembering the time I had to write a check for more than 50 grand) and it all evens out, more or less.

In the evening we went to my daughters for dinner. They had a themed dinner-food served at a Jewish Seder. We got a little lesson on how the Seder is celebrated. We didn't do the praying or singing parts, but we ate the foods in the proper order. I had no idea it was such a ritualized meal. It was rather interesting. It was tasty too. My daughter and her husband are trying all kinds of ethnic foods of late. I've had some interesting meals as a result.

We had Easter dinner at sis-in-law Sues house. As usual, there was way too much food. I contributed a roast leg of lamb, which I cooked on the bar-b-que rotisserie. It was heavenly. Also a Strawberry jello salad. The whole meal was excellent, as well as the company-my in laws. We finalized the housing plans for the first half of our June vacation. We hadn't decided where we're going to stay the first night out. Fairmont Hot Springs resort won unanimously. Niece Heidi and her son are going to come with us too. I am getting pretty excited about the trip.

I finally got around to blocking this:

It is one of those projects I was given to finish for Knitwits. I put the armhole and neckbands on. I suspected the yarn is wool. That was confirmed when I washed it. You can't mistake the smell of wet wool. It was really dirty too. The water turned black. I had to rinse it several times before it came clean.

My daughter, Ruth, blocked her very first lace project yesterday. She did an outstanding job of knitting it. The stitching is so nice and even. I am so proud of her.

 I had to sneak a couple pics. It is so gorgeous! I love the stitch pattern.

If I remember correctly, I think the yarn she used is a silk/wool blend. She's made this to give as a gift to one of her BFF's. Lucky girl.

I have put a heel flap on the Blackberry Rick sock.

I am pleased with it. I will write up what I did after I've finished the second sock.

I've got Rathdrum Knitalong today. I'm also dropping 'the taxes' off at the post office. So glad to have that over and done with. Now we can enjoy the rest of the year.

Have a great day.

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  1. You guys are totally awesome...so talented! Tell Ruth she can gift
    her knits here anytime. I gave up
    on the pattern I was trying. Too
    much counting. After doing one third of it...I said "poof" and it
    was toast. Wish me luck on the
    new pattern...:)
    Luv U