"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Patchwork Job

I doubled the size of the Arrowhead shawl while watching the Olympics last night. I have to be careful though. If I don't pay attention, I put yarn overs where they don't belong, and don't put them where I should. As each row gets longer, I'm finding it easier to get into a rhythm. Less mistakes occur when I have rhythm.

Last fall I brought home 2 (that's THREE) boxes of afghan squares, both knitted and crocheted, that was donated to Knitwits. Actually, I should say I brought home 3 of the seven boxes of squares. My task is to sew them together into afghans. Urg. Not a task I'm particularly thrilled to do. However, it was last fall I took this on and I'm a woman of my word, so I better get busy. Two of the boxes have the squares pinned together with safety pins in the order the original maker intended them to be. That helps immensely. The first one I'm tackling is rather Christmasy.

I am going to have to weave in ends and block all of them because no two are the same size. I'm going to block them all to the size of the biggest square, which is 8 by 10 inches. I got 6 blocked yesterday.

Today I have Rathdrum Knitalong, as well as foraging for food in the Grocery Forest. Have to do some laundry too. I so hate doing laundry. It's a wet mushy day out there. Raining like crazy.

Have a great day.

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