"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Anniversary #28

Our trip to California went fairly well. We got quite a bit accomplished despite the problems we had. First, our flight out of Spokane was delayed 2 hours. I was knitting while we waited. Dan, Sue, and Doug were sitting opposite me. The scene cracked me up. I took a picture. They can't live without internet for 5 minutes.

Sue's mom had a lot of stuff packed into her little house. Most of it is junk. I learned something important while going through it and segregating the good from the bad. Please, folks, as a favor to your children, before you croak (or have to be put in a home) please please please throw out all the plastic bags, padded envelopes, and little boxes you've been saving 'just in case'. Sues mom had mounds of this stuff. Every drawer, closet, shelf, bag, box, suitcase-anything that could hold stuff had carefully saved plastic bags, padded manila envelopes, and/or little boxes in them. Unfortunately we had to look in every one of them because she hid things-randomly-through out the house (mind you the hidden stuff was mostly junk too, but we never knew so we had to look.)

Let me also just state this.

I hate Publishers Clearinghouse.

They are a parasitic predator on the elderly of our society. Shame on them!! Just because they sell something with a certificate of authenticity does not mean it's valuable. It's still worthless junk people!

Anyway, on Friday I worked like a dog and accomplished a lot for Sue. Unfortunately, the next morning when I got up my gimpy leg had swollen up to a frightening size and hurt like crazy. My right leg was swollen too, even though it didn't have a clot in it. It scared me. I don't know why the swelling either. I was not on my feet that much. Most everything I dealt with I got to sit down to do. It put a serious crimp in my ability to work because I had to keep it elevated. I feel really bad about that too. We could have got a lot more done if that hadn't happened.

The weather there was wonderful. It was sunny until the day we came home. The trees are getting their new leaves, the flowers are blooming, the air smelled so good. It was a nice break from the cold gray at home.

On Saturday night we went out to dinner to celebrate our 28th wedding anniversary. Family went with us. We went to the Shadowbrook Restaurant in Capitola, which, if you ever get the chance, you must go there. It has the most wonderful atmosphere, and the food is outstanding. Take lots of money cos it's expensive, though worth every penny.

Because it was our anniversary, the waiter brought us a small plate with chocolate truffles on it, and candles. I thought that was so sweet of him. Here are some pics taken at the event.

Niece Maria took this one of us, the happy couple.

Dan and Sue (also taken by Maria).

Niece Maria and Nephew Ryan. (Taken by me)

Nephew Mac, Ryans brother. (Taken by me) By the way ladies, he's single.

We had Ryan and Maria's son Ethan with us too, but all my pics of him turned out so blurry I can't even tell who it is. Sigh...

The trip was not all work. We enjoyed our breakfasts out, I got to walk on the beach at sunset on Friday evening, and we got to visit Ryan and Maria and see their house. So we had fun.

Coming home, again, our flight was delayed. This time only an hour and a half, and Sue and I spent that time in the airport bar drinking and watching the US vs Canada hockey game at the Olympics (We tromped 'em. Go USA!). It's the first time I've watched a sporting event in a bar. I see why folks like it. It's fun! Everyone cheering the team on and whatnot. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The guys were chained to a stand at the gate that provided internet access. LOL!

The flight home was uneventful, but I have to tell you, when I stepped out of the airport into freezing cold I about passed out. I adjusted to that nice warm California weather way too quickly.

Monday morning I awoke with a horrendous headache, sick as can be. Doug and I have both been sick ever since. Now I'm coughing, my chest is congested, and I feel like death warmed over. There must have been something in that house that was truly unhealthy for us. The swelling in my legs had gone down completely Monday morning, so that's a good thing.

I did not take socks with me on the trip. I took the shawl. Here's where I am with it at the moment:

I have half a pattern repeat and the top border left to do, and it will be done. Hurray!

Have a great day.

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  1. Congratulations on your anniversary! The Shadowbrook is such a beautiful (and delicious!) place to celebrate. I'm glad you had a good time!