"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


It Only Took One Skein

Earlier this week I finished the first Little Cables sock. It hasn't been blocked yet, so it looks a bit sloppy.

I can't hardly believe that I have yarn leftover from the first skein after making this men's size sock. I'm using Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock. I thought for sure I'd need at least 3 skeins for the pair. I am pleasantly surprised to find out I'm wrong about that.

Immediately after doing that, I cast on the second one (as I've said before, I don't suffer from Second Sock Syndrome-a fact I'm quite proud of). I'm already up to working on the gusset. This is turning out to be a fast knit. Compared to the Bayerische socks, it's a light speed knit.

I am almost done decorating our Christmas tree. It's been a really really busy week so I've been working on it here and there when I get a minute. When I get it all done I will post a pic of it.

I am so excited. We are doing the family 'draw a name' gift exchange like we did last year. I wanted my niece Heidi in the worst way. Didn't get her. However, I found out who did and they were willing to trade me. So, now I can relax about the fact that I bought yarn to make her a gift a few weeks ago. Yeah, I wanted her that bad.

I have a couple skeins of Sari silk that I was going to make a vest with a few years ago, but changed my mind. It's been sitting in the stash waiting for me to come up with something to make it into. I don't want to make anything like a sweater cos the stuff feels like steel wool on the skin. However, I recently found a really cool scarf pattern that it would be prefect for if I added some pink mohair. Heidi's favorite color is pink, and she just happens to love scarves. So this works out perfectly.

Recently I took on my own personal campaign to stomp out the rumor that acrylic yarn can't be blocked. I've been posting all over Ravelry telling people about the article I wrote on the subject. Finally, I'm starting to see some effect. Small, but it's a start. I'm getting lots of hits on the article which just makes me pleased as punch. I wonder if I should try submitting it to knitting magazines? There is so much misinformation out there on acrylic yarns. I aim to have some sort of small impact on correcting that. I love wool, and the other natural fibers (Alpaca-mmmmm), but I also love the good acrylic yarns. They have their place in the knitting world. Sometimes they're the best choice for a project.

Well, Sweet Hubby and I are gonna go get some Christmas shopping done.

Have a great day.

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  1. What Pattern are these socks? Thanks Doti