"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


I Like Little Cables

I was sort of waffling about whether or not to post pics of this project on here or not because it's a Christmas present for one of my loved ones who reads this blog. However, this blog is about my knitting and beading, amongst other things, so here it is, the sock with the tiny little cables in progress.

The cables are actually a twisted stitch pattern, rather than a true cable pattern, but they look like cables so that's alright with me. I'm about an inch from starting the toe.

Today I have two things going on. First is my annual physical this morning. Joy joy. But it must be done. Hopefully I'll pass with a minimum of trouble.

Then I have the meeting of the Rathdrum Knitalong group this afternoon.

There is something I should mention. I'm having problems with my computer, which is a laptop. It seems to want to shut down unexpectedly, without warning. It started doing this over the weekend. I'm hoping it's something that won't become permanent, and a simple problem to fix. We are being plagued with computer malfunctions all of a sudden. Daughter Ruths Mac Pro died a couple weeks ago, then last night her Windows desktop machine she has at school died (this was a crisis because she's using it for her senior thesis and whatnot. Her computers take priority over mine, so it may be awhile before it's fixed. So, if there's sudden silence here on the blog, you'll know why.

Have a great day.

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