"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Happy Birthday to Donny

Today is Donny Osmonds birthday. He's 52 now. I keep all sorts of weird little things stored in my memory banks. I was so excited when he won Dancing With the Stars. I've been a fan all my life.

The socks are done and blocked. Haven't had a chance to take pics though. It's either too dark, or I'm away from my camera. I did manage to take this pic though.

It's the yarn I'm using for the next Christmas gift project, a ball of kid mohair and a skein of Recycled Silk. It will be a scarf-specifically, the Scribble Scarf. I started knitting it at the Yarnies meeting this morning. Then I got to work on it some more while I waited for my hair cut appointment (I was on time. Beautician was running an hour late). I've got almost a foot done so far! So it's knitting up quick. It's looking pretty cool too.

We had a huge group at Yarnies. It was so much fun. We even had 2 new people show up. One is a crocheter. She's our first crocheting member. The reason we decided on the name CDA Yarnies is so crocheters would feel welcome as well as knitters. If you're makin' stuff with yarn, you're welcome to our group. We meet each Wednesday, 10:30 am, at CDA Yarn and Fiber.

Have a nice evening.

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