"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


One More Day

Just one day left until I can get my Star Trek Movie dvd. Yes!

On Friday we got just over 2 inches of fresh new snow. It was very pretty watching it come down. But then it stayed for awhile. It's melting away today.

Had a nice weekend. On Saturday I taught my netted ornament beading class. I spent the morning trying to get the hand out I made to print. Took some help from Sweet Hubby to get it working. Turns out, the wire cube shelving set I installed in the sun room next to the printer was blocking the signal to the wireless network. He moved the equipment to the other side of the cubes and everything started working again. I had three students who were so easy to teach I felt guilty taking their money. I've never had a whole class be that smart. There's usually always at least one person who has a hard time getting it. All I had to do was hand them their hand outs. It was a rare treat.

I did get a new ornament cover finished during the class. However, I decided to leave it at the shop for a few days. I'll get it back later this week and take pics then.

On Sunday I relaxed. I was home alone because Doug was gone all day. He and Sarah went skiing up at Lookout Pass Ski Resort. (Yes. There's enough snow up there.) I mostly knitted on the Bayerische sock. It took me way longer to knit the gusset than I expected. I'm making progress though. I'm only 1.5 pattern repeats away from starting the toe.

While I knitted I had a Star Trek TOS marathon. I really enjoyed it too. I'm doing another today.

In fact, Khan is at this moment giving Captain Kirk a difficult time (Episode: Space Seed). He's taken over the Enterprise and shut down life support. Kirk is gasping his last breaths into the captains log. God, I love this show.

Have a great day.

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