"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


I Made Key Rings and Spock

I have finished Ray's key rings. He is pleased. I'll be popping them in the mail to him next week.

I will wait patiently for the sock yarn.

It's been a busy week. I've been working on what I'm calling The Great Purge of 2009. I'm going to go through the whole house and get rid of stuff we don't need any more. I've started with the boxes yet to unpack that were packed for the floor remodel. Most people probably would have had all that unpacked and put away by now, but I've been dealing with the flu at the same time so I've been doing a couple of boxes a day. I've also started going through cupboards. My goodness we've got a lot of stuff we haven't used in years!

One of the things we are getting rid of is the desk that is in the sun room. We don't need it any more and really don't have a place for it now that the treadmill is in it's corner. Right now it is sitting in the middle of the room being annoyingly in the way. I found a new owner for it yesterday. Hurray! Daughter Sarah just happens to need a desk. How convenient! Now, to get it out of my house and into her apartment.

We've moved the piano from the sun room to the dining room, and moved my beading stash to where the piano used to be in the sun room. I am very excited about this. I'm finally getting my craft room. In 1992, when we bought this place, it was the sun room (and the open floor plan) that most attracted us. It would be perfect for my assortment of knitting machines and whatnot. It was going to be my craft room. However, on moving in day, when my brother in law brought the first machine in he said "Where do you want me to put this?" Sweet Hubby pointed to the small bedroom off the kitchen (I call it the 10 foot cube-10 foot wide, 10 foot long). I was pretty upset, as you can imagine. But there was no arguing with him on that particular day. I didn't get my wonderful craft room. Now I do. It's about time!

I did not go to the Yarnies meeting this week. I was sick. I'm not so rude as to pass my sick germs on to my friends.

On Thursday I put out my bird feeders full of fresh new seed. I don't feed them in the summer time because there's lots of wild stuff around for them to eat they usually just ignore the feeders. In October, though, it gets pretty cold at night and I put them out. I've already got a fairly large flock of chickadees that have returned, along with the little nuthatches.

We've been having a very difficult time with Morgan. Sweet Hubby got a cough with his sickies. It's slowly going away, but he's still got a few days of it left, I'm sure. Morgan has developed an extreme fear of the sound of the cough (he's losing his hearing, but he's not completely deaf yet). Every time Doug coughs Morgan runs off and hides. At first he was running out through the doggy door and refusing to come back in, freezing himself outside. I managed to stop him from doing that. Now he tries to hide in the kitchen, or the bedroom. Mostly the kitchen though. We're trying to help him overcome this sudden fear. For instance, giving him treats at the same time that Doug coughs, and whatnot. Trying our best to desensitize Morgan, but we're losing the battle. The cough needs to go away.

There is a Bead Stampede today in Spokane at the fair grounds. Sarah and I are going together and see what we can find that we can't live without. Should be fun.

Have a great day.

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