"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Bootee Mania and Spock

Musical Spock

I am still in bootee mode for Knitwits.

I've finished another pair.

These ones are made with leftover Kiwi green Opal Solid. I used a leftover bit of a ribbon novelty yarn chain stitched to make the ties. I had just enough of it to do that. If the ties had needed to be any longer I wouldn't have had enough.

I have another pair half done.

I'm modifying the pattern a little bit. I'm doing the cuff in a 4 x 2 garter rib. The yarn is some unknown ancient baby Pompadour that is white with a nylon silver grey strand in it that I brought home from our last meeting (As usual, Jean talked me into bringing more yarn home for bootees). It's actually very soft and pretty. I'm enjoying working with it.

Some time ago Dawn asked me a question in the comments. I want to answer that question.

"Dawn said... Oh my gosh! I love your kitty scratch post! I've been looking everywhere for one for my two cats. Can you possibly let me know where you ordered it from? "

I got the kitty tree from CSN Stores online. It's called the Sugar Cat Tree. It comes in several colors (I got brown), and I can say it's very well made. My cats love it. They have tons of really cool cat trees. It was hard to decide which one to get.

Sweet Hubby has been staying home from work way too much (5 days now). He got a flu bug of some sort to start with, which then brought on a bit of a cough. He's fine now, except just a bit of cough left, yet he won't go back to work. I went to the store today and loaded up on various assorted cough remedies which are helping immensely. I intend to kick him out tomorrow. As much as I love him, having him home when he isn't supposed to be is cramping my style.

I heard from Ajay, the winner, so the contest is officially completely over.

Have a great day.

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