"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Can We Do This Over?

Not having a good day.

What kind of cruelty is it when on Tuesday it's sunny, gorgeous, and 82F degrees, then on Thursday you wake up to snow? It's snowed off and on all stinkin' day.

Why are doctors such jerks? Is it the God complex? My skills are not worth anything cos they can save lives and all I can do is create art? Note to self: do not do any more commissioned bead work for doctors.

I need rum.



  1. oh, that is terrible! I found your blog via a tweet by Rings & Things about the stethoscope commission...I'm so disappointed for you to hear it didn't turn out better.

  2. So what was wrong, didn't he like it?
    It looks like what you said he wanted..
    Looks like awesome job to me...

  3. Didn't want to pay $50 for the job, even though I'd worked on it for 9 hours. My boss told him I'd do it for $25, even though I said $50 from the start. Won't happen again. I'm insisting on fees in writing from now on.

  4. A doc who couldn't afford $50 for
    something he treasured...hmmm

    says more about him than you know...
    sorry..don't let him get to you..

    he is a CAD