"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman



When I got up this morning the first thing I did was check out who was at the buffet (which has been refilled since these photos were taken). Yup! The tree and ground were loaded with Red Crossbills. I stopped counting when I got over 20 cos it seemed pointless. Here's a couple of the photos I took.

There are actually 3 males and one female in this pic.

Thirteen Crossbills and 1 Junco on the ground working on cleaning up the mess they made.

Of the trillion pics I took, those two were the best. It is hard to take pics of these guys cos they don't stand still for very long. Most of my frames were either empty or not what I was aiming at cos the birds had popped out of the scene before the camera clicked-which is saying something cos my camera is pretty fast.

Had my first Knitting Clinic class today. No one showed. However, I kind of expected this to happen. It's tax time-the slowest time of the year for a yarn shop.

I finished another Lunabead last night.

This time I used 4mm dark gold druks, 4mm dark red firepolished crystals, size 11 Japanese seed beads in a smoky transparent AB, size 15 in silver lined red and gold metallic.

Of all the bb's I've made, I like this one the most. (Can you tell I'm in a red mood?)

I have added 2 books to my stash.

If you are a seriously addicted knitter, you'll love this book. It's full of funny cartoons about knitters.

This is my other new book, Shaped Beadwork by Diane Fitzgerald.

I ordered this one from Borders, sight unseen. I am a little disappointed in it. I know Ms. Fitzgeralds talent and I found most of the shape patterns in this book are available on the internet for free in one form or another (written by other folks). I was hoping for some of her more spectacular designs. Oh well. I will be able to use it for some things.

The sky is a gorgeous blue and the sun is out today. I find it hilariously funny because the weather prediction was for a raging snow storm in our area. I'll take snow storms like this any time! We did get a little bit of snow last night but nothing like they were predicting. Spring is starting to win the war.

Man, I'm hungry. I think I'll go make some popcorn.

Have a great day.


  1. How disappointing that noone showed up for your class.

    This is a busy time of year for sure. The yard is screaming for attention - the kind of attention that makes people just want to sit when they're done. School activities pick up. And, as you mentioned, there are taxes. Ours went to the accountant today. Hopefully we're all done except for the signing.

  2. I realized the same thing after I bought the book, but I figure at least now I have all the shapes in one place and I don't have to go hunting around the web every time I need one. Happy beading! I'm enjoying your blog.