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Signed Sealed Delivered

This morning we did our income taxes. They are done! Hurray!!!! Now life can move on to more interesting things.

We owe this year. That's okay, though. It's not a heart attack inducing amount. We owe the state of Idaho 6 bucks. As I stood there in the kitchen perusing the check written for 6 bucks, preparing to stick it in the envelope, it occurred to me that it is going to cost us tax payers more than 6 bucks for the government to process that check. That bothered me, considerably. I considered not sending them they're lousy 6 bucks. However, if I didn't the government would spend even more of my tax payer dollars coming after me for their lousy 6 bucks, plus they'd manage to heap thousands of dollars worth of penalties on top of the 6 bucks. It just wouldn't be worth it. So, to save my fellow tax payers, and myself, lots and lots of money I'm sending the check for 6 bucks. I expect thanks from my fellow tax payers for that.

I have learned a lesson from this.

Don't think about the way the government works. You'll just end up checking yourself into the nearest mental health facility.

Have a good day. (No, I am not suffering from an overdose of donuts.)

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  1. Woohoo for getting the taxes done!!! :D I keep putting mine off... but, i'll prolly do them within the next week since its spring break lol