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I Can Print Photos

I have been without a photo printer for quite some time now. We have a Canon inkjet printer that did a wonderful job with photo printing, but last year for some unknown reason it stopped printing black. I bought new black ink cartridges. Didn't work. I bought a new print head for it. Didn't work. I've tried everything there is to try and it just won't print black anymore.

Yesterday we went to Barnes and Noble and Best Buy in Spokane Valley. We went to B&N because I was looking for a specific book. No one in Coeur d'Alene had it. Fortunately, B&N did. Best Buy is across the street and Sweet Hubby and Ruth were with me. Them being geeky and all, we had to stop in. Shouldn't have done that. I saw the printers and it reminded me that I needed to do something about my inkjet printer problem. I ended up buying this:

It's an Epson printer/copy/fax machine combo and it was on sale for $99. It does a beautiful job of printing too. It's so much better than the old printer was. Now I can catch up on my photo printing.

You know what's really ironic? The new printer cost less than everything I bought trying to get the old one to work again. Sigh.....

I finally fixed the problem with the Honeybee shawl. I'm actually one row ahead of where I had to tink.

That is all for today.

Have a good one.

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