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Tommy Gets His Comeuppance

So, yesterday morning I'm drinking my coffee, checkin' the email, and doing the usual 'getting myself to wake up' routine. Sweet Hubby is in his favorite chair, laptop and Tommy in the lap. Tommy is snoozing.

From the side of my eye there is movement. I turn and look. A moose is just a few feet from the living room window, looking at me.

Me: Oh, whoa! Where's my camera? Look at that?

Sweet Hubby: Look at what?

Me: There's a moose right there.

Sweet Hubby: Your camera is right here on the table.

I grab it, stand up, and Tommy raises his head. Then it hits me-and before I can finish this thought: "Oh no! The doggy door is open!" Tommy has shot out the door and is in the front yard doing his best rendition of a large pack of Rottweilers protecting their territory. I panicked. My brain just froze as I watched it all out the living room window. I had no idea what to do. This moose was not gonna back down. No way. No how. My doggy is dead meat!

He's barking his head off, and attempts to nip the moose's leg. The moose takes umbrage.

It charges at Tommy. The front hooves come up....I wince-here it comes....my doggy is gettin' stomped! Aaaauughhh.....

Much to my total surprise and shock--Tommy yelped, turn, and ran screaming all the way to the back yard and in the doggy door. The moose chased him the whole way.

I could not stop laughing. The truth is out Tommy!

I am so glad he ran, or this would be an obituary post.

The offended moose
(My apologies to the animal rights folks, but wouldn't he look great wrapped up and in my freezer?)

I have proof positive that Doug is the best and sweetest hubby in the universe.

Just delivered this morning. My favorite color even! I'm so full of the warm fuzzies I think I'll burst!

Have a great day.

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  1. Great moose story! Glad Tommy is safe, too! Your roses are gorgeous!