"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


WOW! Entry for November '08

Novembers WOW! entry is another skein of Opal Petticoat, this time colorway 1292.

This yarn will be knit into a pair of socks for me. It is the last pair of socks for the Sock A Month KAL. I can't believe I will have knitted a whole year's worth of socks.

I am going to use a simple garter rib pattern. Being that the holiday season is upon us, I think something simple and brainless is in order.

I took that walk I was thinking about on Thursday. I took the boys with me. It was so beautiful out, but a bit chilly. I walked 1.5 miles. My gimpy leg started hurting about a third into the walk, but I made it go anyway. Boy, was I sore the next morning, but very proud of myself.

The boys seemed to enjoy it. Tommy especially. I wish I could have just a quarter of his energy. Morgan started to give out about a quarter mile from home. I keep forgetting he's old. I picked him up and carried him for a bit so he could have a rest.

I made a peach pie yesterday. Mmmm, was it ever good. I used canned peaches. I've never really been one to used canned fruit for pies. Don't know why. It works great. I will have to do it more often.

It's Saturday today. I'm gonna be lazy and useless.

Have a great day.


  1. A year of socks,that is quite amazing. I do love your blue sock yarns. I see you have an Alice Starmore on hold! Her designs are so lovely, but quite complex..cheers

  2. Hope you had success being lazy and useless Saturday. Sometimes life has other plans.

    I so enjoy my lazy Saturdays now that I'm retired. While I was working Saturday was the day I had time to survey how far behind I was with my housekeeping. Now I can survey it all week long and totally ignore it on Saturday.

    We have 2-3 inches of snow this morning. The beginning of the endless winter.