"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Such a Noise!


I had a really really nice weekend. On Saturday I decided I was going to spend the day being lazy and good for nothing. Sweet Hubby said he thought that was a good plan. So I spent the morning and afternoon watching old movies on tv and being artsy. I worked on another beaded ornament cover, and finished it.

I made this for my daughters future mother-in-law. Franks mother loves Christmas ornaments. She collects them, and I've heard they have quite a tree every year. So I decided I'd make her one in the kids wedding colors. That's right, turquoise and brown. They actually look pretty good together. The pattern for this cover is named Picot Bu and it's in Laura Jensens book The Beadecked Ornament Book 3.

I worked on my socks too. I'm making good progress.

I actually have the heel part in my memory now. It really speeds thing up when I don't have to dig around trying to figure out where I left my pattern.

In the evening we met the kids at the movie theater in Coeur d'Alene and watched Quantum of Solace. It's pretty good. Lots and lots of action. In fact, one feels out of breath after watching it there's so much action. I enjoyed it. But, then, I'm a James Bond fan.

After the movie, we went out to dinner. It's the first time I've been out since the surgery. We ate at Azteca, which is a sort of American Southwest Mexican food kind of place. Their food is very very good. I felt in a celebratory mood I was having such a good time.

On Sunday, it was another lazy day for me. This time, though, we watched DVD's. On the way home the night before we had stopped and picked up Kung Fu Panda and Get Smart. Everyone has been telling me I HAD to see these two movies. I'm glad we got them. They are both very funny.

Get Smart was waaaaaay better than I expected. I didn't think it could hold a candle to the original tv series, but it does. Steve Carell gave Maxwell a different personality rather than trying to mimic the original. It worked for me. There is so much visual comedy in the movie too, I couldn't even knit. I had to keep my eyes glued to it so I wouldn't miss any of the funnies.

Doug worked on his computer all day-by worked, I mean he was actually working. He was connected to his computer at work via the web. I just think that is awesomely amazing that he can do that-work from home, in the comfort of his big leather recliner, wearing his ratty old t-shirt and sweat pants.

I beaded most of the day, learning African Helix stitch. I learned it, didn't like it, frogged it, and now I'm working on a Minerva Spiral instead. I have 4 cabochons I've beaded around and not turned into necklaces yet. So thought I'd start working on that 'little' project.

Outside, all day, there was a cacophony of noise going on. Black Billed Magpies and Crows had obviously found something to be excited about in the woods not far from the house. I can't believe how noisy they were! The two are scavenger type birds. We suspect it's the carcass of a deer, or something, nearby. Normally, we'd have donned boots and jackets, and gone to investigate to make sure it isn't human (don't laugh-once it was. A guy trespassed by 5 signs onto our property on his motorcycle, slammed into a tree, and killed himself). But neither of us wanted to expend that much energy. So we pretended it didn't exist.

Some of the Magpies hung around the house for a bit, so I got a picture of one.

They're beautiful birds, and can mimic sounds like parrots do, even as far as being able to talk human words. In fact, originally, I thought it was a flock of turkeys in distress cos it sounded so turkeyish. I know I heard gobbling in the fracas. And since there's a flock of wild turkeys that come by every so often....... too shy for the camera I'm afraid.

I got bit by the Christmas bug over the weekend. I actually want to put my tree up NOW! I wonder what's up with that?

Today is the last day you can enter my contest.

Have a good day.


  1. I've never seen a live magpie. They're very pretty birds. Nice picture.

    Glad your Saturday was restful.

  2. Oh wow! I wish I could be as productive. I need to get busy and get some stuff done. Hubby said I could go to the Bastrop, TX craft show.

  3. Your work is lovely! I think the ornament cover is a great idea! The socks are turning out beautifully...I like the color and the pattern! I have never seen a magpie! He/she truly is a gorgeous bird. Great picture...thanks for sharing!