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Shorn Like a Sheep

Sigh. That's how I'm feeling right now.

I had long hair. Really long hair. Down to my waist hair, and no bangs. I've spent the past year growing my bangs out (they got below my chin) to see if I'd like it that way. I didn't. So yesterday, I decided to go get my bangs back, and get the hair trimmed up a bit, more to the middle of my back, and styled so it framed my face nicely. In other words-back to what it was before I grew the bangs. Brandi, the gal who has cut my hair the most in the past was not in, so I decided to let another gal do my hair.

I have photos to show what I wanted. I felt fairly confident she'd do a good job cos she does my daughters hair very well. This is, more or less what I wanted.

This is what I've got (minus the red stripes of course). Well, to be honest, it is longer than this. Long enough to touch my shoulders anyway. It essentially looks like this though.

There was more hair on the floor than left on my head. I am not a happy camper. She did a beautiful job of cutting. The layers are perfect, the bangs are exactly what I wanted. It frames the face nicely. She just got carried away on the trimming it up part. Her words, to be exact "It came out shorter than I thought it was going to." Yeah, you think? I go into shock every time I look in the mirror. I had long hair for a long time. I love having long hair. Well, phooey.

The good news is my hair grows very fast and in about 3 months it will probably be more the length I wanted. I'm asking for Randi next time. She knows how I like my hair. Other good news-both Sweet Hubby and Sarah like it. It's the first time in ages Sweet Hubby has actually said anything nice about my hair. Maybe I need to rethink this?

Have a nice day.

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