"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Priest Lake

We're back from our camping trip. It was wonderful, as usual. The weather was absolutely perfect. I took a few pictures of the lake to share on the blog. These were taken at the upper end of lower Priest Lake.

The light blue kayak at the far right is mine. The lake was especially nice this time. Usually it gets pretty wavy around 11 am when the wind picks up. It blows up the lake at a rather hefty pace, making the waves a bit scary. This time, though, the wind stayed pretty nice. We even had a couple days of smooth waters. It was perfect for kayaking.

The beach is beautiful on this end of the lake. The vegetation was unusually green for the end of July/beginning of August. Lots of the wild flowers were still in bloom too.

Besides kayaking we did hiking, bike riding, swimming, and played games at the picnic table. I didn't ride bikes because Sweet Hubby didn't pack mine for some reason. But that was okay. I stayed at camp with the fur boys and knitted, beaded, read, took walks, relaxed while everyone else rode to Plow Boy camp on upper Priest Lake. I enjoyed myself.

We had two of our young nephews, Nathan and Brendan, with us. They taught me how to play the board game called Settlers, and a card game called Flux. Both were a great deal of fun (I need to get those games).

I got all the way through the gusset and heel on my toe up sock. I'm working on the leg now. For beading, I strung a very complicated 7-color pattern on some thread in preparation for a bead crochet rope necklace. Unfortunately, after 8 hours of stringing, when I started crocheting, I discovered I'd read the whole 7 x 12 stitch chart wrong. Instead of stringing from left to right on each row, I strung from right to left, so the pattern isn't coming out right. I get to restring the whole thing. Oh well, at least I was in a beautiful place when I strung it.

This was the last camping trip for the summer for us this year. We're thinking about going on a camping trip in the fall, but we haven't fleshed out those plans yet. The next big thing coming up in our life is my nephew Jonny's wedding, which is going to be held on Labor Day. Ruth will be going back to school in about 3 weeks. The fair is happening this month too. I need to figure out what I'm going to enter. It's going to be a busy month.

Have a good day.

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