"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Turkish Loops and a Rose

Finally got around to putting a clasp on my new Turkish Loop bead crochet necklace.

The focal beads are lamp work done by a local artist. Frank, Sarah's fiance', gave them to me for Christmas.

It's a beautiful day today, though a bit on the windy side. Not too hot, as apposed to yesterday when it got up to 92F, it's a nice pleasant 82. I pulled all the weeds in the back yard flower beds this morning while it was cool and shady back there. I got them all done before lunch! 2 wheelbarrow loads of Canadian Thistle, with the occasional dandelion and knapp weed. Amongst the thistles, my Rio Samba rose was blooming. It is my favorite kind of rose. I wish you could smell it. It has the most wonderful scent of all the roses. Kind of a cross between peaches and strawberries. As the bloom ages, the yellow will migrate to the outside edges, and the dark peach will migrate toward the middle so the petals will be a peachy pink with yellow edges.

Have a nice evening.


  1. Beautiful necklace. Boy, wish my son-in-law would do that.....well, he is ex now. Oh well. Wish someone would do that. LOL Also beautiful flower

  2. Just love the Turkish loops. Would you share where the pattern came from or did you design it yourself? Its very striking and something that I would wear constantly. Also the rose is gorgeous. I have one similar here in Queensland Australia but the colours don't change as you said yours does, nor does it have a perfume. I think mine is highly hybridised.

    Cas xxx

  3. that neclace is absolutely gorgeous...

  4. Love your necklace! I have used topaz, black, amber combinations and they are a big favorite, but never thought to add that gray. Very striking.The rose is gorgeous. If Iw asn't grounded, recovering from surgery, I would be painting that pretty blossom. Peach roses are my favorite too and I look forward to more of your blossoms and beading accomplishments.

  5. very beautiful necklace! And the rose is great!!! my favourite colour :-)))

  6. FoxMeadowCrafter7/12/08, 4:17 PM

    I love your blogspot - very creative! Jewelry is awesome, as are the photographs of flowers and projects.