"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Havin' Some Trouble

This summer, as I've mentioned before, I'm participating in the Summer of Socks knit along. It fits in well with the other sock KAL's I'm doing, and fun too. However, I've found I have a small problem. Instead of knitting my socks, I find myself spending way too much time looking at everyone else's socks.

You see, to get credit for your socks, you have to post a picture of them in the Ravelry group forum. You can also post them in the SOS 08 Flickr album. For each pair you post, you get a shot at a random drawing for prizes, as well as other things going on for prizes. My goodness but there's some absolutely STUNNING socks being made out there! And people wonder why we knit socks? Try buying a pair of some of these at Nordstroms!

There's some stunning knitters too-as in, I'm stunned by how many pairs of socks they've put out already, and the KAL just started June 21. There are some gals going for the 'most socks' contest, and they are really pumping them out. Sheesh! Anyway, if you wanna take a look at the socks, here are a couple links.

Ravelry SOS 08 group (you need to be a member of Ravelry, but it's free, and SO worth the effort!)

SOS 08 Flickr Group

And just cos they are so incredibly beautiful (I wanna make these in the worst way!), here's a link to my favorite pair -- so far:

Fahini's Summer Slide Socks

Now for a BFO (that's Beaded Finished Object for those who are uninitiated)

I got the last pair of earrings done for the earring swap.

I call these Twirly Swirly. They're done in right angle weave with some embellishment. I used some transparent light blue size 11 seeds, some matte silver blue ab size 6's, and some iris blue 6mm flower beads. (Some would call them spacers I suppose.) I laid them flat so you can see their construction a little better.

I've got 5 pair done for the swap. I will pop them in the mail tomorrow, I hope.

It is hot today. I spent some time dead heading the marigolds, pulling weeds, and whatnot, but the heat eventually got to me so I've retreated to the indoors with a box fan blowing on me and the air conditioner on high.

I'm waiting for a phone call now. It's official. We're taking a trip to the Yucatan peninsula next January and now that I know the exact dates we're leaving and returning, I can make arrangements for the boys. I'm waiting to hear from the kennel I want to leave the boys at. They said they were gonna call back hours ago.

Oh phooey! Just called them again and they're closed. ARRgh! I've left a message.

I do not want to put the boys through the nasty experience they had last January. (I do NOT recommend Camp K-9!) This kennel I've called they've been at before and it was wonderful. It's also really really hard to get into. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I need to knit socks. So...

Have a good day.


  1. lol! Summer Slide makes me feels SO inadequate! A pair of socks on size 0 needle done in two days! And so beautiful!

    Your beading is lovely!

  2. loved you butterfly pics, they sure brightened my day. the socks are lovely and the beading wonderful..keep it all coming!!

  3. Love your earrings. They are gorgeous.