"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Wedding Fever, Me?

I don't feel like talking knitting today. So there will be no knitting content. Just warning ya.

Not to say I haven't been excited or happy about my daughters recent engagement to Frank. I am. It's just, the thought of planning a wedding has just been-well-kind of overwhelming. It's not like I haven't planned weddings before. I have-including my own. It seemed so far away at first. Now it doesn't. So I've sort of been 'nagging' about it, for lack of a better word. Asking the happy couple to make decisions, or at least think about things.

I've accomplished a couple things. For one thing, they've set their date for June 28, 2009 (thus the ticker at the top), which is plenty of time for planning. I also nailed down the wedding colors. Brown and bright Blue.

I wanted to knit Sarah a dress (I've been collecting knit bridal dress patterns for years in anticipation), but she would not go for that idea. However, they both want me to make the bridal bouquet and whatnot with beaded flowers. I am thrilled to do that. I love beading, so this will be fun.

All in all, though, I haven't been feeling real enthusiastic about the whole thing.

Something happened yesterday afternoon. I took a break from life to check my email and whatnot, and ended up surfing knit blogs for just a bit. I landed on one blog (can't remember which one) that had one of those click-on ads for a bridal gown site. Just out of curiosity I clicked on it (after all, I was surfing-LOL!) and ended up finding a bridal gown that would look absolutely stunning on my Sarah. I emailed a link to Sarah, she checked it out, and I think we've fallen in love. This is a pic of the front of the dress, which I've blatantly 'stolen' from the web site. (It's a pic another bride posted in her review of the dress, she's a gorgeous bride too.)

The sash is actually long in the back, all the way to the floor, and tied in a bow. There' s embroidery on the ends. The sash comes in several colors, including blue-which Sarah wants. The dress can be had with various sleeve styles-which is good cos she wants sleeves. Not only that, the store it's in is in our area. I am SO excited!

Suddenly I have wedding fever!!

Just so you know, dear reader. There's gonna be wedding content on this blog for - well - at least the next year.

Have a wonderful day.

(To see more about 'the dress')

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  1. That dress is beautiful. I clicked through on the link so I could see the back and I particularly like the beading detail on the sash. Very pretty. I can see why you both fell in love with it. :)