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Just Call Me Nurse

Whew, it's been a day!

It's been sunny, so I've been trying to multi-task by doing laundry and sitting out on the deck in the sun towork on Edaline. It's not particularly warm out. There's a very cold breeze blowing. But I'm wearing my mohair cardigan and it's keeping me nice and toasty. I came in about 3pm to have some lunch, and rotate the laundry (dryed into basket, washed into dryer, dirty into washer).

Unbeknown to all of us (that would be me and the dogs) Silver got on the couch and burrowed under a blanket. Last I'd seen him he was sound asleep on the cat tree. Besides that, Silver doesn't normally burrow in blankets.

Tommy, minding his own business and totally not knowing this, decided he was gonna jump up on the couch and burrow under the blanket. Silver took offense.

The you-know-what hit the fan.

Nasty cat!

I dashed to grab Morgan at the first yelp. I did that cos Morgan attacks Tommy if he's done some major yelping. Believe me, he was doing some MAJOR yelping! In fact, he let loose the infamous Iggy Death Scream, guaranteed to give any Momma a heart attack.

I held onto Morgan while looking for something to throw at Silver to stop him from beating up Tommy. Geez! All that was near me was a pot holder. (No, don't ask why a pot holder was on the floor in the living room. I don't know the answer.) Too bad it wasn't a book. I nailed Silver right in the side of the head. The pot holder was enough though. He backed off and ran away. (I'll get him with a book later!)

I waited for Tommy to calm down (he yelped for a few minutes), then I let go of Morgan so I could attend to Tommy. He was bleeding pretty profusely. Initially, I thought I was gonna be taking an emergency run to the vet. It looked like a one inch long gash in his abdomen. I got some clean paper towels and mopped up some of the blood so I could see what the damage was.

Ha! Just tiny little pricks! There are 8 of them across his tummy, but they're so tiny I had to laugh. Way more blood than the injuries deserved. I got the bleeding stopped and slathered each prick with Neosporin (cat scratches become infected quite easily on thin skinned doggies). Tommy is lucky. Iggies are so darned thin skinned it could have been a lot worse.

I gave the boys a cookie. Nothing makes a doggy feel better than a nice cookie.

The injured party enjoys his cookie.

Now everyone is sleeping-both the cats and the dogs.

I finally sat down and drank a shot of Yazi to get my heart slowed down. All in all, I'm quite proud of myself. I didn't panic. I remained very calm through this whole thing. A year ago I'd have totally freaked out in this situation. I am making progress in my Panic Attack Anxiety Disorder management, and that is something to be very proud of.

Isn't this purty? Blooming today. The snow has shrunk back enough from the house that the patch of crocuses are no longer buried.

Have a nice evening.

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