"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Sunday Ramblings II

Wishing you a Happy Easter!

Our Easter plans are to go to my brother-in-law Chet's house for a family potluck dinner. I'm making strawberry pie and Waldorf salad for the occasion.

I was going to post a bunch of pics I took last Friday. It snowed. I mean, it SNOWED! All day. Five (5) inches! Sweet Hubby had to plow the driveway when he got home from work.

On the second day of spring!

However, when I sat down and looked at the photos, they were so depressing I decided to forget it. Y'all don't need a bunch of colorless pics of snow falling. Yeah, I said colorless. If not for the fact that Sweet Hubby's tractor is blue, I'd have thought I had accidentally set my camera on the black & white setting. I can't inflict that kind of color deprivation on my readers. I'm not that cruel.

Yesterday I worked on the book all day. Sweet Hubby had to go to work (installing new servers for the company) so I put on the Sci Fi channel and worked on a new design. Got it drawn, charted, strung, and knit all in one day. Darn, but it turned out perfect! Exactly what I had in my minds eye. Sometimes I so impress myself.

Book anxiety is working on me though. What if I go to all this work and no one wants to publish it? Is there really a market for a book full of nothin' but beaded knit amulet patterns??? Then I think about my trip to Barnes and Noble last weekend and the truly pathetic set of knitting books they had on the shelves, and I get a little more confident. I mean, if this is what they're willing to publish, my book will be a shoe in! I swear, if I see one more book of 'easy' patterns to knit, I'm gonna throw up! As an experienced knitter, I am sorely disappointed in what 's out there right now. They ain't writing for someone like me. I need something new, something challenging, something inspiring! Sigh.....

The Sci Fi channel was not disappointing. They had a wonderful selection of 'B' movies on. I love B movies. Yesterday I saw movies about a Rock Monster attacking a little eastern European village full of weirdos (saved by the handsome blond American college kid), a giant squid protecting a sunken treasure in what looked like Puget Sound (I missed where they were actually supposed to be), the Lochness monster with a nest full of babies in Oregon (they did not explain how it got to Oregon), and some sort of swamp creature that looked like a slimy cross between a human and a nasty tree that liked to suck the blood out of people-The Man Thing. With fare like that, no one has to suffer a boring Saturday!

Have a great holiday!

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