"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Easter Fun

I had an awesome Easter!

First of all, I ended up not having to work my tail off for the usual annual fancy breakfast for sweet hubby. Oh, I'd planned and shopped for it. However, after having my first cup of coffee, I went to use the 'ladies' room and when I came back out, ready to start cooking, Sweet Hubby had fried himself a couple eggs and was eating them with toast. I was both ticked off and relieved. I didn't say anything to him about it. Wouldn't have changed things and would have made him feel bad. I just quietly dug out a couple pieces of cold pizza leftover from the night before and ate that for breakfast. We'll have the 'Easter' breakfast for dinner in a couple days.

I worked some more on the book, and watched another Sci Fi B movie-The Black Hole. Ah yes, wonderful plot. Some scientists in St. Louis, MS perform some kind of experiment that creates a black hole in the middle of the city which begins to slowly suck the city in one block at a time and releases an electro-magnetic monster that travels up and down the power lines zapping people to death. How sweet it is!

I baked a strawberry pie (which turned out absolutely perfect!) and made a Waldorf Salad. Then off to BIL Chet's house we went. I had a blast. One thing for sure, my husbands family is a lot of fun. As usual, we had great food up the wazoo, and fantastic conversation.

There was also a new puppy. Niece Heidi acquired the little cutie just a few days before. She's not got a name yet, but she's part Blue Heeler and part Border Collie, black and white with freckles, and about 7 weeks old. Just a tiny little thing, but so sweet, full of personality, and very smart. We took to each other right away. She spent most of the evening sleeping in my arms. I didn't take my camera with me. Wish I had now.

Unfortunately, we could not play our usual game of Easter Softball. It is a tradition that on Easter Sunday, after the Easter meal, we have an Easter Softball game. This year the diamond is buried under a foot of snow. None of us wanted to shovel.

We are all quite distressed over the amount of snow there is still left. I realize Easter was a couple weeks early this year, but still, if it was two weeks later, there would still have been too much snow to play softball. There's no way it's all going to be gone by then. Usually by now the Butter Cups have bloomed, the Shooting Stars, Spring Beauties, and Yellow Cups are in bloom on the hill behind Chet's house, and my crocuses bright little faces are lighting up our world. There is over 3 feet of snow on top of my crocuses right now. It's feeling quite oppressive. Sweet Hubby talked about even feeling a little claustrophobic over the whole issue.

One of our topics of discussion is our Moose problem. The moose have not been bothering me and Sweet Hubby cos they're all over on the other end of the Parkarosa, hanging out around the creek, where the rest of the family lives. No doubt, we've got a serious problem. Fish and Game could care less. At this point, we do not know what to do-that is legal anyway.

After we got home last night I was sitting in the hug, watching the news, and I noticed Silver was paying a lot of unnecessary attention to the bottom shelf where I keep my beads in the dining room. Then Tommy started sniffing around. He wouldn't leave it alone! Kept sticking his head in between the plastic containers. What? I finally investigated.

A mouse! There was a mouse hiding amongst my beads!! I donned leather gloves, got a stick, and went to war. Unfortunately, we lost, at least, for the night. It managed to get under the couch, and then up inside the couch. So we had to give up (I am unwilling to tear apart my new couch for a mouse). I gave the cats a lecture about earning their keep, and went to bed. It took a long time for Tommy to calm down and go to sleep. He wanted that mouse.

This morning, after getting up, I went into the kitchen to make the morning juice (coffee) and noticed BOTH cats staring at a corner. Just sitting there, staring. There, trapped in plain sight, was the mouse. Again I donned the leather gloves, pounced, and released it outside in the woods-away from the house. It's a sad sad day when I'm better at catching a mouse than the cats.

Last, but not least, there is a blog I like to visit on occasion called The Rainey Sisters. It is written by two very young and very very talented knitters. They have just posted a new free PDF pattern on their blog that is absolutely gorgeous!

The name of this sweater is Joan of Arc. It's done in fingering weight yarn, so it's not for the feint of heart. Oh, but how pretty! Click on the links and check it out.

Have a great day!


  1. Love looking at that sweater. It's a joy to admire, but knitting it? All those bobbles would have me screaming nuts before the back was half done.

    Bobbles and I just don't get along well. Maybe if I learned to knit backward?

  2. I don't mind bobbles. There are lots of ways to make them. Some easier than others. Certainly there's easier ways to make them than in this pattern. But, really, there aren't that many in the pattern. Just in the bottom border and the cuffs. A person could leave them out.